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Street Literature – Product Of The Environment

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For those that don’t know, Street Literature are a Hip-Hop collective from Dublin. The group consists of G.I., Costello, & former Urban Intelligence members Lunitic & 4Real. They originally started as a side project put together by Workin’ Class Records with plans for an album. Unfortunately in the summer of ’09 MC Lunitic sadly passed away and indefinitely shelved the project.

Now thankfully producer Dean Scurry, director/editor Marion Mc Manus and the Ballymun Communications have decided to give ‘Product Of The Environment’ a visual makeover. They’ve kept things simple and true to the songs nature, the video remains a raw reflection of inner city Dublin.

The video is dedicated to the memory of Lunitic and starts with a chilling verse displaying his poignantly dark optimism. Costello and G.I. both are equally talented at breathing authentic Dublin life onto the beat and 4Real has me questioning why there isn’t more solo material out there to hear?

Greazy Dublin hip hop no doubt, if you’d like to hear more from Street Literature they have 3 free downloads on their Soundcloud Page

Street Literature – Music & Crime

Street Literature – Give Me A Reason

Street Literature – We Don’t Need You Anymore

Luni Choons – Somebody Warn A Brother!

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Just 3 days ago we witnessed the passing of the late MC Lunitic’s birthday. Even though quite a few months have passed since his untimely death, his music keeps the memories very much alive.
Craic Music is proud to have dug through the archives, and stumble upon a shiny gem for you lucky readers.

Urban Intelligence – Hip Hop Is Oxygen EP (Free Download)
Hip Hop Is Oxygen
Magnificent Wordplay
A New Flow
What You See Is What You Get

Lunitic’s rap group Urban Intelligence released Hip Hop Is Oxygen back around 2003. It’s a 4 track EP and Luni’s voice sounds a lot younger than what many will have come to expect. It’s a must hear for dedicated fans of Irish hip hop, and I recommend the download thoroughly as Urban Intelligence were the first Irish group that Craic Music ever heard! (Truly amazing isn’t it!)

(Graffiti @ Oxegen Festival in memory of Luntic)

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