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Bomb City 7 – EP Launch @ Auntie Annies

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‘’Songs from Bomb City 7’’ is to be self-released on Thurs 19th May with an official launch show hosted by Roysta and Dave Rooney (The Unprotected) and special guests:

Team Fresh MC’

Auntie Annies, Dublin Road, Belfast, Doors 9pm, Tax £5

Bomb City 7 have been making waves since they exploded onto the local scene in July 2010. Their adrenaline fuelled and energetic live shows have managed to secure them a loyal following all around Ireland.

The ’’Songs from Bomb City 7’’ EP is their first official release, mixed by Rocky O’Reilly as well as produced and recorded by the band themselves.

The EP is 6 tracks of sing along, intelligent hip-hop blended with punk, post-rock, disco and pop. With lyrical topics ranging from scathing social commentary to tongue-in-cheek party anthems Bc7 take no prisoners producing catchy yet aggressive beats and rhymes.

After the release of their debut EP, Bomb City 7 are set to hit the road and cause havoc around the UK and Ireland taking their unique style of ‘’genre mongrel hip-hop’’ a little further afield.

There will be a few preview tracks from the EP going online soon and a video to be released. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open!

The Craic Music Podcast Vol 2 opens with Bomb City 7’s “This Petty Place”,  previews of the other tracks can be found at the following links

Bomb City 7
Bandcamp : Facebook : MySpace : ReverbNation

Also shout to for capturing the brilliant accoustic performance of “A True Love Story”.

Craic Music will have a full review of the EP very shortly, look out for that.

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Seaz 420 – Fomorians (Side 1 & 2)

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Some vintage Irish hip hop with a wicked line-up of MCs. Seaz 420, hip hop producer from Belfast, has kindly uploaded an old archived set originally recorded on tape up online via SoundCloud. Course the sound quality is a bit gully, but you know how Craic Music rolls.

Over the immensly chilled out sounds Seaz 420 produced, expect to hear the likes of Slaine (Team Fresh), Dunbar, Dexter144, Noize Thievery, Cullo (CuCullen), Terawrizt, Reck TMN, Bee Mick See, Freestate, FUBE & many more.

Both Side A & B clock in at 46 mins individually, so there’s a lot to listen to here, enjoy.

Seaz 420 – Fomorians (Side 1)

Seaz 420 – Formians (Side 2)

The Fomorians set has been taken down and the individual tracks can be download @ Seaz 420’s SoundCloud

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