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Shut Yer Trap

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After the disappointing scoreline last night in Euro 2012 thanks to the Spanish; one thing noticeably prevailed, the chants and songs of the supporters.
Here’s some uplifting music for any post-match hangovers still occurring.

Major Grave part of Standard Crew recently uploaded this grimey MPC remix of the 2005 J Sweet release. It’s got that old school grime sound on the samples and it’s a lively beat. Remember to catch Standard Crew every Saturday on 106.4fm Dublin (Link for online users) 9pm-10.30pm

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J Sweet – Kerb (Major Grave MPC Remix)

SertOne is as productive as ever, there’s a whole host of remixes, edits and stuff to download over on his SoundCloud page. Check this Major Lazer – Original Don remix and try not blowing out your speakers on the drop. “Shapes In The Sky EP” is coming out soon and expect some collabo work with Melted Music associate Monto.

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Major Lazer – Original Don (SertOne Edit)

G.I is a sought-after name throughout Ireland for his production after supplying the beats for Lethal Dialect, Costello and Street Literature’s impeccable releases, . Fans should be gearing up for his debut project ‘Underworld’ due out sometime this summer. G.I is playing Twisted Pepper in Dublin tonight alongside Costello and Willa Lee, 12euro entrance fee.

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G.I – Today

Captain Moonlight, the Kilkenny Camogieman is offering a selection of singles, demos and downloads on his SoundCloud. Moonlight first gained notoriety for his single ‘Dirty Cunts’ which is available part of the Agroculture trilogy online. He has funny political insights on Ireland and one of the most recognisable voices throughout the country.

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Captain Moonlight – Racketeer

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Sketch Nine – Belfast Mate (Official Video)

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Watch the new video for Sketch Nine’s ‘Belfast Mate’ just uploaded today. Video director Tristan Crowe uses some nice shots and slickly edited footage featuring cameos from “Belfast Mate” producer SertOne, The Activists and Funk-A-Rama’s dance team.

There’s a great sense of pride wrapped up in this track, pride for the city, pride for the slang and the hip hop scene up north. It’s refreshing to see it captured in such a positive way. Sketch Nine’s ‘The Expenses Of Living Free’ EP and debut release on the Melted Music label is scheduled to go on sale 12th September. The anticipation is growing with the new video adding to all the excitement.

Make sure not to miss Sketch’s Launch EP Party @ McHugh’s Bar, Belfast w/Phizuals, Pro P & DJ Koncept – 18th Sept – £3 – 9pm till 12am

And catch Sketch Nine hosting Antidote Emcees – Thurs 22nd @ The Menagerie w/Lethal Dialect, MC Margin & Seaz420 (Live Beat Set)

Sketch Nine
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Craic Music Podcast Vol 1

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The Craic Music Podcast Vol 1


Roughly an hours worth of brand new 100% homegrown Irish hip hop to download . MC’s & producers from all over the country are featured in this comphrensive round up of Ireland’s flourishing genre. This will make & break expectations and an entertaining listen.
Bang it on your iPod, laptop, car stereo the lot. Share/spread on Facebook/Twitter as well.

1. Bony – Get A Grip
2. Rob Kelly – Everytime I Come Home
3. Sons Phonetic – Danger, Danger
4. Gerard i2 – Power
5. Rob Steenson – Waiting
6. Captain Moonlight – Banana Republican
7. Nugget – State Of The Nation (Vote Nug)
8. Noize Thievery – Grey Cityscapes
9. Lethal Dialect – Do You Believe
10. Jonnyboy – All I Wanted
11. Jambo & Jonnyboy – Sick With 16’s
12. Collie – Last Thing
13. Terawrizt & Nu-Centz – Grown Man Music (Remix)
14. SertOne – Past, Present, Future
15. Paper Tigers – For You

Download via Mediafire

Thanks for the continued support, shout out to all the artists featured.

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SertOne – The View From Above EP

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1. Orbit
2. Riviera Pt 1 + 2
3. Past, Present, Future
4. 8mm
5. Scattershot (feat Bolts)
6. Ammunition
7. Astro Bazaar

Melted Music / iTunes

The first release from Melted Music and a big favourite here at Craic Music.
on the buttons delivering a short but thoroughly wholesome journey over 7 tightly crafted beats. Those not accustomed to the Portadown producer will find themselves swept away by the expansive, dream-like productions on offer. Every track flows so wonderfully into the next, adding to the unified feel of the whole CD. It is enjoyed best when played from start to finish.
The depth and clarity to the instruments and sounds allows us to properly re-imagine Sert’s ideas. The music sounds effortless and that’s an indication of the professional way he works.
SertOne – Past, Present And Future

It’s true, SertOne works his ass off all year round putting out remixes, hosting UStream live shows/mixes and offering advice to up and coming producers/emcees. Countless beat tapes perfecting his style have been released for free over past years, but this really feels like a solid product. Not to mention there are only a limited 100 hard copies printed, each with a completely unique cover & 4 brand new remixes not available currently to iTunes buyers. Can’t ever complain about complancency, SertOne’s creativity goes beyond music treating each listener royally.
SertOne – Astro Bazaar

It doesn’t feel right to judge the EP track by track, every beat has delicate but perfectly chosen samples and fit together immaculately as one project as a whole. This very well could become a classic piece of musical history and I urge people to follow their impulses now to avoid disappointment.

Buy now £5 @ Melted Music / or alternatively iTunes

SertOne’s new video just out gives us a glimpse into his frantic music mind with head decapitations, aligning planets, the late great GURU and some altogether trippy visuals.

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Portadown’s prime producer gears up new EP!

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I’m really excited about this. SertOne has been preparing the EP for a while now and with the release of some new beats & remixes for free download via SoundCloud it really is shaping up to be something quite special.
Have a listen and make your own mind up. Remixes include Kev Brown, Crystal Castles and the experimental MeLo-X with two brand new instrumentals to download as well. The beats have a proper blunted out feel to them, serious head nod music, sharing similarities to inspiriations Dilla & Flying Lotus while still sounding new and original.
The Crystal Castles remix in particular needs mentioned for the sheer amount of times I’ve listened to it and the saxaphone on Past, Present, Future brought an instant smile to my face. The ‘A View From Above’ EP is released on 21st Feb.

Kev Brown – Allways (SertOne Remix)

Crystal Castles – Not In Love (SertOne Remix)

MeLo-X – Machine Drum/Let It (SertOne Remix)

SertOne – Past, Present, Future

SertOne – Morning Rise/Alarm

The new label Sert’s signed to Melted Music, are throwing a launch party on the 25th Feb @ Morrisons, Belfast. Expect to see Jee4ce, Sketch Nine & SertOne rocking the place. Keep up to date through their Facebook page for more details

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Melted Music

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The new record label Melted Music has just launched today! Based in the north of Ireland the current roster features SertOne, Father Jack (aka Jee4ce) and Sketch Nine from the Activists. The brand new website is now online @ with links to all the artists and music to preview. The label is masterminded by Jee4ce & Urbanize who you may know from the very insightful “Ireland’s Finest” DVD, clips can be seen here

Melted Music
Facebook : SoundCloud : Twitter

Father Jack

Killa by Stylah feat. Smiler (Father Jack Remix)


Past, Present And Future by SertOne

Sketch Nine

King by Sketch Nine

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Dizzy D – Problems (Prod. Alan Newman)

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Brand new music from the everybody’s favourite Dizzy D! Featuring production from Alan Newman, one of Dublin’s hardest grafting producers at the moment.
Dizzy has a new international mixtape dropping very soon called “UNT”. It features a whole host of mcs & producers from the US/UK and Ireland including 6th Sense, Illa J, Siyo, SertOne, Gerard I2, Nash, Mugsy & Stop.

Dizzy D – Problems (Prod. Alan Newman)

Dizzy has released two mixtapes to date “The Dizzasters” & “Ruff & Raw”. He is still growing as an artist and has now won 10 open mic nights in total at The Slaughtered Lamb & The Pound, Swords.  For anyone who followed Kounter Kulture’s Irish Undaground series, Dizzy D made it to #1 on the chart a few times and has collaborated with artists Siyo, Gerard I2 & Just Mikey on recent-ish tracks.
Craic Music was kindly given 5 tracks that were up for free download, so if you like what you are hearing, make sure to grab them!

Dizzy D – Even More High feat. Just Mikey
Dizzy D – Freeversin’ (Prod. SertOne)
Dizzy D – Ranting feat. Siyo & Just Mikey
Dizzy D – The Cypher feat. Bigo
Dizzy D – Formulated Flows

Dizzy D
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