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New DSG video trailer for ‘Hypnotize’

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Expect the full video soon, in the mean time go download some DSG @

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Purple Jelly Funksters

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Dead Set Gemini are steadily releasing more footage of their tour, featuring more hungover bus journeys and exclusive behind the scene’s action from inside the studio. This is part one of two, with the second part due to be uploaded soon.

Father Jack the beat producing alias of Jee4ce has also kindly upped a free beat for October
Father Jack – Free Beat October 2010 by Father Jack Music

Here is the September beat for those who missed it
Father Jack – Free Beat September 2010 by Father Jack Music

To see DSG’s most recent video again, have a look here

Russell Grant’s Favourite Rappers

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Dead Set Gemini have just released a video apparently shot during the Edinburgh Festival for their latest track ‘What’s Your Star Sign?’ produced by Show N Prove
Who knew asking girls their star signs would get them revealing themselves? Big Up to DSG!

The beat is by Show N Prove and has the typically high standard we are quickly coming to expect from them. Jee4ce and Deezy trade autotuned verses about women with relaxed and confident flows. It is exceedingly hard for Irish artists to pull off the autone style, so hats off to Jee4ce on this one as he shows how it can be done. Setting standards for Irish/Scottish hip hop that can be played in clubs/bars with few artists successfully doing that in the respective scenes.

If you haven’t been following the Dead Set Gemini YouTube you may have missed some of these recent-ish vids:

Plus grab “Do You Know Why I’m Here?” by Dead Set Gemini feat Super Novar totally free – Get it at their Dead Set Gemini Bandcamp page

Deezy’s EP “The Long Weekend” can be downloaded for free off his website – Check

The output from Dead Set Gemini in recent months has been exciting to say the least. Music For Spaceships is their debut release and is on the way soon.
For more updates check
Dead Set Gemini Facebook
Dead Set Gemini Myspace

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