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Terawrizt – Reign Of Tera (Download)

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Class A’z member Terawrizt released Reign Of Tera back in April.

Features from Collie, Redzer, Nugget, Leigha, Siyo, Medz & Funso with Tony Mahoney on the production duties.

You can listen to the whole EP below and download the tracks for free @

Reign Of Tera Tracklist

1. Intro
2. The Voice Ft. Redzer, Nugget & Medz
3. Brave New World Ft. Leigha
4. Chasing A Dream Ft. Class A’z
5. Never Quit
6. Crazy Ft. Siyo
7. If The Sky Should Fall Ft. Collie
8. The Real World Ft. Funzo
9. Don’t Forget Ft. Redzer

(Download here)

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DFI Mixtape Vol 2

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The second edition of Da Fightin’ Irish mixtape is out now to buy @

25 brand new tracks/freestyles from a handful of the best battlers including Rob Kelly, Redzer, Genesis, Terawrizt, Siyo, K-Snatch, Nu-Centz, Nash, Collie, Rawsoul, Nugget, Steenson and Matamatik.

Hosted by RTE’s SpeakerBoxx resident DJ Mo-K & DJ Mayhem

1. Intro -DJ Mo-K/DJ Mayhem
2. Mash Up Part 2 – Tera/Steenson/Collie/Nugget/Red/Siyo
3. Ohh -Rob Kelly/Nu-Centz
4. I Doubt It – Genesis
5. Verbal Intercourse – Nash/Matamatik
6. The Steez – Siyo/Nucentz
7. Bread Vs Like That – Collie/Nu-Centz
8. Keep It Thorough – Nash
9. Real Talk – Rob Kelly/Terawrizt
10. 99 Problems – Rawsoul
11. Quiet Storm  – K-Snatch
12. Kick Push  – Nugget
13. Because I’m Ginger  – Redzer
14. Lookin Youngfella – Rawsoul/Nu-Centz
15. Chill – Siyo/Terawrizt
16. Hit Em High – Collie/Nugget/Genesis
17. Interlude – DJ Mo-K/DJ Mayhem
18. Look Up – Rob Kelly/Redzer
19. 6 Foot 7 Foot – Genesis
20. Moment In Time – Redzer/Terawrizt
21. Volume 2 – Collie
22. DFI – Siyo
23. Drop – Rawsoul
24. Win Or Lose – Nu-Centz
25. We Are Prostitutes – Rawsoul

Buy Now for €4.99 w/ free worldwide delivery

Check out the videos Nu-Centz, Nugget & Siyo recorded accompanying their tracks on the mixtape.

Watch out for the full set of videos over the next couple of days from DFI 8 held in Cork with O’Shea, Innuendo & H-Bomb making guest appearances.

Siyo broke the record for the most expensive Irish hip hop video, the music remains positive!

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Nugget – Irish Tune (Official Vid)

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If all the Royal Wedding coverage is too much for you today, Craic Music has Nugget’s latest video taken of the ‘Ready To Diet LP’.
This should satisfy the history fanatics out there, with a whole host of strong verses from Siyo, Terawrizt, Redzer & Rawsoul breaking down stereotypes and delivering a proper ‘Irish Tune’.
Tony Mahoney on the beat and the video is directed by Jonathan Lambert with Jebus handling production graphics.

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DFI All Stars – Get Mashed Up (Official Vid)

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Catch Redzer, Siyo, Nugget, Rob Steenson & Terawrizt in the official video for “Get Mashed Up” from DFI Mixtape Vol 1.
Filmed & Edited by Jebus
DFI Mixtape Vol 2 will be out soon, keep an eye on Craic Music for tracklist & details over the few weeks.

To purchase now go to :

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Nugget – Ready To Diet *Buy Now

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1. Ready to Diet (Intro) (prod. Noize Thievery)
2. Soundtrack To My Life (prod. Terawrizt)
3. Living Hell (Dark Days are Back) (prod. Monto Da Beatweaver)
4. Brave in the Heart ft. Terawrizt (prod. Wyze Intellect)
5. Doesn’t Really Matter ft. Collie (prod. Sinful Deedz)
6. Loser Part 2 (prod. Tony Mahoney)
7. Feels Good (prod. Jee4ce)
8. Story (prod. Tony Mahoney)
9. Irish Tune ft. Siyo & Class A’z (prod. Tony Mahoney)
10. Path of Life ft. KDeath & Rob Steenson (prod. Tony Mahoney)
11. The Ultimate ft. Redzer & Terawrizt (prod. Danny Diggs)
12. 8 Millions Bars (prod. Pro P)
13 Still a Fat Bastard (Outro) (prod. Base Gamble)

Executive Producer: Terawrizt

SmokeRoom Productions are trailblazing with the second release of 2011 now available to buy @
Ready To Diet‘ is the cleverly titled follow-up to ‘The Nugget Ya To Hate’ LP.
A full course of healthy beats, relatable rhymes and tongue in cheek humour is on offer here. Nugget’s strength lies in the hard-hitting punch lines and the ability to laugh at himself. One glance at the artwork and that should be quite obvious (shouts to Jebus, genius idea).

Generally poor constructed studio tracks plague hardened battle rappers albums but that’s not the case on ‘Ready To Diet‘. The line-up of guest features and production credits make this one of most exciting hip hop releases to come from Ireland in a very long time.
Starting with Nugget’s slick sounding intro over Noize Thievery’s backdrop, followed by a superb flow on ‘Soundtrack Of My Life‘. There is a wonderful feel to the beats whether it’s Tony Mahoney’s dark, movie-like sounds Irish Tune’/’Path Of Life or Sinful Deed’s spacey, laid back riddim ‘Doesn’t Really Matter ft. Collie’. Nugget seems at ease on the productions, his ideas are realistically captured without ever exceeding limits of reality or playing up a fake, glamorous lifestyle. This is a genuine portrayal of the ordinary day-to-day drag.
The self deprecating humour and honest feel on this record, make it special. Nugget doesn’t brag & boast about being number 1, he doesn’t need to. Fans value him as something of an underdog, funny then that his debut was the Nugget we love to hate because the Dublin anti hero may very well just turn out to be the Nugget we love to love.

Buy ‘Ready To Diet‘ now @ 

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Rob Steenson – Day Of Me Life feat. Redzer & Collie

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Dublin emcee Rob Steenson delivers some emotive bars on his latest track with guest appearances from Redzer & Collie. Steenson’s currently working on a new CD, although there is no confirmed release date as of yet.

Rob Steenson – Day Of Me Life feat. Redzer & Collie

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Terawrizt – Revisited LP (Free Download)

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Terawrizt – Revisited
Executively Produced By Terawrizt.
All Beats By Tony Mahoney.
Download Here @!

1. Life feat. Nu-Centz & Rawsoul (Cuts By Tigerfist)
2. Sound Of A Free Mind feat. Jambo
3. Uncivilised feat. Redzer & Nu-Centz
4. Let The Mic Go
5. Operation M.C.(Mind Control)
6. Grown Man Music feat. Nu-Centz
7. Highly Classified
8. Til I Reach The Top feat. Nu-Centz & Jambo
9. Wanders In Graveyards

Revisited is the new release from Terawrizt. The aptly titled download sees UK hip hop producer Tony Mahoney re-working a collection of cult favourite accapellas from Dublin’s illuminated emcee.
It’s a gritty affair dripping in dark emotion amid conspiracies and paranoid plots. Tera depicts a frightening but engrossing world over the course of 9 tracks.

On the chillingly atmospheric ‘Operation MC (Mind Control)’ we get bombarded with theories on social control and Jambo joins in venting frustration on ‘Sound Of A Free Mind’ with a nice nod to Shakey selling out on ‘Irish Party’. This isn’t a happy CD but we do hear a softer side on ‘Grown Man Music’ the soothing piano tones make for a suitably relaxed tune and ‘Life’ has a truly funky bassline with an outstanding verse from Meath man Rawsoul.
Fellow Class A’z members Nu-Centz & Redzer both have solid verses and Tony Mahoney does an excellent job with the beats. This is the first “must download” of 2011, earning the Craic Music seal of approval. Listen with your ears, open your eyes. Download now!
Revisited is a treat to fans, the new album ‘Silence Is Consent’ drops in early 2011. Expect all new verses from Terawrizt and more tightly crafted beats from Tony Mahoney.

Download Here @!

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Don’t Flop – Tricky P Vs Redzer

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Shouts to Don’t Flop organising an international ginger rap battle! Surely it must be a ground breaking first to have a Canadian trading ginger jokes with an Irish man in England. Very good battle all the same. Watch now!

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DFI 6 – Trailer

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The DFI 6 vids will be going up very soon! Here’s the trailer, who’s exited?

Check Craic Music tomorrow evening for Siyo Vs Nash

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DFI 5 – Redzer/Nugget Vs Bony/Nash

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This is the last in the DFI 5 videos to be uploaded, and what a treat it is. Double promo battle between Dublin’s Redzer & Nugget Vs Cork’s Bony & Nash.

The schedule for DFI 6 upload dates are now online too!

DFI 6 – Television & YouTube Dates

1 – Siyo Vs Nash
UPC 802 / YouTube
(08/12/10) / (09/12/10)

2 – Costello Vs Desay
UPC 802 / YouTube
(15/12/10) / (16/12/10)

3 – Terawrizt Vs KDeath
UPC 802 / YouTube
(22/12/10) / (23/12/10)

4 – Steenson Vs Bony
UPC 802 / YouTube
(05/01/11) / (06/01/10)

5 – Nugget Vs Rawsoul
UPC 802 / YouTube
(12/01/11) / (13/01/11)

6 – K-Snatch Vs Mickey Gatch
UPC 802 / YouTube
(19/01/11) / (20/01/11)

Battles will be shown exclusively on UPC Channel 802 every Wednesday night at 11pm. Then uploaded to YouTube on the Thursday.
If you have UPC Digital TV make sure to tune in!
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Don’t Flop – Chronicle Vs Redzer

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Touted as a grudge match between both emcees, this was always going to be a difficult battle to call. The build up to this battle was more intense than most due to the outrage of a few English Don’t Flop viewers over Redzer’s allegedly racist battle against MC Dubh. Thankfully the battle still went ahead, Redzer dismissing the threats against his personal safety to set the record straight once and for all. Here it is, enjoy!

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Da Fightin Irish Mixtape Vol 1

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DFI Rap Battle League Mixtape Vol 1 hosted by Mo-K is on sale now for 5euros via

1 Intro feat. Mo-K & Borris
2 Redzer/Siyo/Nugget/Steenson/Terawrizt – Get Mashed Up
3 Nash/Bony – I’m Ill
4 Collie – So Seductive
5 KDeath – Skillz
6 Nu-Centz – Fire
7 Nugget – Forever
8 Redzer/Terawrizt – Random Bollox
9 Bony – Beamer Benz Or Bentley
10 Nu-Centz – Raw
11 Collie – Yis Are Dowpes Boys
12 Steenson – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
13 Nugget – Nugget’s Story
14 Siyo/Terawrizt/Redzer – Born For This
15 Nu-Centz – Number 1
16 Siyo/Collie – S.O.S.
17 Redzer – Loads Of Bars
18 Terawrizt – Operation M.C.(Mind Control)
19 KDeath – To Hell Or To Connacht
20 Siyo – Chilled Out Sound
21 Nugget/Siyo – 93 To Infinity
22 Terawrizt/Redzer/Siyo – The Sickest
23 Redzer -Outro

For fans of the hit Irish rap battle league, The DFI Mixtape Vol 1 features a strong selection of battlers that regular viewers will already be familar with. Over a variety of different beats all these tracks are brand new and exclusive to Da Fightin’ Irish.
Check the mixtape promo beneath and subscribe to DFI TV now.

Da Fightin’ Irish: Round 5

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The FIFTH DFI event of 2010 takes place once again
This time in ‘Mischief’ on Capel/Parnell Street, Dublin

Line-up as follows:



with special event
2 vs 2


The event takes place on SATURDAY 25TH SEPT @ ”Mischief’ on Capel/Parnell Street, Dublin


Battles begin at 3pm,please arrive in good time

Subscribe to DFITV for footage of past events

Don’t Flop Ireland: Round 2

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The second round of the Don’t Flop Ireland battle division is set stage to take place soon with some new faces joining the ranks. Jee4ce will be gearing up for his Don’t Flop debut and hoping to beat Cork man, Bony, who has already notched an impressive victory over Siyo in the last round. Rob Steenson and I.N.K. will be in close competition to show who has the better skills amongst the younger battlers and Redzer vs Rawsoul could be the biggest clash of titans to date. Also Nugget is looking to make up for the last round’s defeat to Redzer by taking on two competitors, Siyo & Nu-Centz!

Line-up as follows:

Redzer Vs Rawsoul
Bony Vs Jee4ce
Brosy Vs Just Mikey
Nugget Vs Nu-Centz
Siyo Vs Nugget
K-Death Vs Seany
Rob Steenson Vs I.N.K.
L-Demon Vs Gwame

The event takes place on Sunday 14th March @ Cru Clothing, 69 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1.

Battles begin at 5pm sharp, please ensure you arrive in good time.

Entry is FREE but all donations are very welcome.

Please come out to support Don’t Flop and the Irish hip hop scene! Shout out to Redzer & Collie

Join the Official “Don’t Flop (Ireland)” Facebook group

Don’t Flop Ireland – MC Battle League

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The first set of battles for the newly formed Don’t Flop Ireland division are now online for anyone who couldn’t make Temple Lane Studios, Dublin on 16th Jan. There was a great turn out for the event and the standard of the battles beat most peoples expectations. Shout out to Collie & Redzer for putting together the event, look out for the second round of battles on 14th March @ Cru Clothing, Abbey St, Dublin.
Here’s the footage from the first Don’t Flop Ireland:

Rawsoul Vs Diligenz

Nu-Centz Vs Nash

Siyo Vs Bony

Redzer Vs Nugget

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