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DFI Mixtape Vol 2

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The second edition of Da Fightin’ Irish mixtape is out now to buy @

25 brand new tracks/freestyles from a handful of the best battlers including Rob Kelly, Redzer, Genesis, Terawrizt, Siyo, K-Snatch, Nu-Centz, Nash, Collie, Rawsoul, Nugget, Steenson and Matamatik.

Hosted by RTE’s SpeakerBoxx resident DJ Mo-K & DJ Mayhem

1. Intro -DJ Mo-K/DJ Mayhem
2. Mash Up Part 2 – Tera/Steenson/Collie/Nugget/Red/Siyo
3. Ohh -Rob Kelly/Nu-Centz
4. I Doubt It – Genesis
5. Verbal Intercourse – Nash/Matamatik
6. The Steez – Siyo/Nucentz
7. Bread Vs Like That – Collie/Nu-Centz
8. Keep It Thorough – Nash
9. Real Talk – Rob Kelly/Terawrizt
10. 99 Problems – Rawsoul
11. Quiet Storm  – K-Snatch
12. Kick Push  – Nugget
13. Because I’m Ginger  – Redzer
14. Lookin Youngfella – Rawsoul/Nu-Centz
15. Chill – Siyo/Terawrizt
16. Hit Em High – Collie/Nugget/Genesis
17. Interlude – DJ Mo-K/DJ Mayhem
18. Look Up – Rob Kelly/Redzer
19. 6 Foot 7 Foot – Genesis
20. Moment In Time – Redzer/Terawrizt
21. Volume 2 – Collie
22. DFI – Siyo
23. Drop – Rawsoul
24. Win Or Lose – Nu-Centz
25. We Are Prostitutes – Rawsoul

Buy Now for €4.99 w/ free worldwide delivery

Check out the videos Nu-Centz, Nugget & Siyo recorded accompanying their tracks on the mixtape.

Watch out for the full set of videos over the next couple of days from DFI 8 held in Cork with O’Shea, Innuendo & H-Bomb making guest appearances.

Siyo broke the record for the most expensive Irish hip hop video, the music remains positive!

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Craic Music Podcast Vol 2

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The Craic Music Podcast Vol 2


An hours worth of brand new 100% homegrown Irish hip hop to download .

MC’s & producers from all over the country are featured in this comphrensive round up of Ireland’s flourishing genre.

This will make & break expectations and should be an entertaining listen as well.

Bang it on your iPod, laptop, car stereo the lot. Share/spread on Facebook/Twitter as well.

1. Bomb City 7 – This P(r)etty Place
2. Siyo – This Is Trouble (prod. Dirty Dubsters)
3. Nu-Centz & Rawsoul – Lookin Youngfella Freestyle
4. Sketch Nine – King
5. Maverick Sabre ft. IHH AllStars – Ye Think Yer Hard
6. 4Real – The Drop
7. Terawrizt – Victim
8. Wile Man – On The Daytime
9. Genesis – Lyrical Onslaught feat. K Snatch & Stoker
10. GMC – Elephantitis feat. Rawsoul
11. Dynamic Grammar – Fly Away feat. Nugget (prod. Seaz 420)
12. Lethal Dialect – The Business* (Preview Taken Off New Album!)
13. Lean – Clip 1 &2
14. Major Grave & Bob – Imperial
15. G.I. – Rollin In The Deep
16. Jun Tzu – Troubles Comin feat. Scorpion Jack

DOWNLOAD (Click Here)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Loopy Nonsense

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Congratulations to Nu-Centz, the Tallaght man recently won Spin 103.8 FM’s hip hop competition, beating entries from other Dublin MC’s, Phrase & Pop Dogg.

“Had Enough” featuring Class B and Gabriella Marsella will receive a guest verse from Lupe Fiasco in the next few weeks. Fans might recognise the tune from the Sense The Terror 2 mixtape (click link to buy)

Have a listen to the brand new Open Letter Part 2 featuring a collabo with Californian rapper, Prozack Turner (Foreign Legion)

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Craic Music Podcast Vol 1

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The Craic Music Podcast Vol 1


Roughly an hours worth of brand new 100% homegrown Irish hip hop to download . MC’s & producers from all over the country are featured in this comphrensive round up of Ireland’s flourishing genre. This will make & break expectations and an entertaining listen.
Bang it on your iPod, laptop, car stereo the lot. Share/spread on Facebook/Twitter as well.

1. Bony – Get A Grip
2. Rob Kelly – Everytime I Come Home
3. Sons Phonetic – Danger, Danger
4. Gerard i2 – Power
5. Rob Steenson – Waiting
6. Captain Moonlight – Banana Republican
7. Nugget – State Of The Nation (Vote Nug)
8. Noize Thievery – Grey Cityscapes
9. Lethal Dialect – Do You Believe
10. Jonnyboy – All I Wanted
11. Jambo & Jonnyboy – Sick With 16’s
12. Collie – Last Thing
13. Terawrizt & Nu-Centz – Grown Man Music (Remix)
14. SertOne – Past, Present, Future
15. Paper Tigers – For You

Download via Mediafire

Thanks for the continued support, shout out to all the artists featured.

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Craic Products 2011

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It’s been a busy start to New Year, now well into Feb we are still playing catch up to all the strong releases throughout January. The last DFI had 3 proper album/mixtapes going on sale, first release exclusively @ DFI 7
Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2
Rob Steenson – First Up, Best Dressed
Lethal Dialect – LD50

And now the new Sons Phonetic – 12 Labours is available, not to mention the recent releases in Jan from:
Nugget – Ready To Diet
Mugsy – Havin The Craic EP
Syze – Syze Matters
Siyo – Weapon Of Mass Creation

The scene is looking healthy right now! Here’s a selection of tracks/rarities from the month passed that caught Craic Music’s attention.

Maverick Sabre & Guests – Ye Think Yer Hard

Thanks to Mr. Collie Collins for uploading this track from the archives. A collaboration organised way back featuring a mad stellar line-up of Terawrizt, Jonnyboy, Maverick Sabre, Redzer, CuCullen, Collie Collins, Bradshaw & Nugget. It’s a free download too, can’t say fairer than that!

4Real – The Drop

Some sick storytelling from former Urban Intelligence member 4Real. Captivating track and hopefully marks the return to hip hop on a more permanent basis.

Siyo – So Broke (prod. Pro P)

A quick freeverse from Big Siyo over Pro P production. Being broke is no joke, I’m sure plenty people will understand where Siyo’s coming from right now. Also check the latest track uploaded to Youtube,  ‘Bloody Murder’ is accompanied with stills from a recent video shoot

Johno Manley – Back Tonight

Johno Manley aka Nifty Skillz tempted to pick up the mic once again to clear up some issues. “Back Tonight” mightn’t be the reassurance fans would have hoped for, but it makes for entertaining listening. Nifty spits real talk over a slick instrumental.

Gerard i2 – Gon’ n Tell Them

Strabane’s self producing & song writing star drops another monster track that remains playable in clubs without compromising his credibility. Gerard i2 has been working the live circuit recently and you can catch him @ Katy Dalys 25th Feb w/Mr Mills & Mugsy. Also if you missed ‘2 Dirt For Radio‘ the debut album, make sure to download now!

A To B – Stretch It (feat. Collie)

This is a fun tune from the electro/pop/experimental duo A To B providing a funky beat for Collie to lace up in familiar fashion. Smile inducing music with some very upbeat drums.

Imogen Heap –  Headlock (Paper Tigers Remix)

Last but by no means least, an immersive dub influenced remix of Imogen Heap’s Headlock by Paper Tigers from Belfast. The music technology student currently has 5 free downloads hosted on his SoundCloud page. Some lovely chilled 2step, garage ambient sounds on offer with a comprehensive dubstep feel to the music.

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Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2

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Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2

1. Intro
2. Shut The Fuck Up Ft. Redzer – Produced By Danny Diggs
3. Show You Somethin’ – Produced By Tallafornia Records
4. Mental Surgery – Produced By Tony Mahoney
5. Agro Bastards Ft. Redzer – Produced By Tallafornia Records
6. Keep Walkin’ Away (Remix)
7. Get Yourself A Man (Interlude) – Produced By SertOne
8. Career Ender Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Kounter Kulture
9. The Business Ft. Rawsoul – Produced By Jamie McPeake
10. Grown Man Music – Produced By Tony Mahoney
11. Had Enough Ft Class B & Gabriella Marsella – Produced By Jamie McPeake
12. That Tune – Produced By Tony Mahoney
13. Take It To The Top – Produced By JD Beats
14. All About Them Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Jamie McPeake
15. Chuck Boris Complaint(Skit)
16. Class Regg-A Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Salt-D
17. That Lyrical Miracle Shit Ft. Redzer – Produced By Tony Mahoney
18. Dublin Girls(Remix)
19. End Of The Road Ft Rawsoul – Produced By Jamie McPeake

Executively Produced By Terawrizt @ SmokeRoom Studios 2011

Buy Now! @

It’s said there is no rest for the wicked, so to sense any impending terror from the SmokeRoom Studios at the moment is incredibly difficult. Nu-Centz & Terawrizt are back with the second installment of their popular collabo mixtape series. 19 brand new tracks recorded with local producers and features from fellow Class A’z members.

The CD picks up where we left off last time, continuing the trend of Yin/Yang styles we heard on the first Sense The Terror (available as ‘Free Download‘).  There is a great deal of variety on offer, from the aggressive, riot inducing ‘Aggro Bastards‘,  the defiant and inspirational ‘Keep WalkinAway‘ to the reggae tinged ‘Class Regga A‘ putting the smoke into SmokeRoom studios.
We’ve come to expect a certain amount of humour included in Class A releases, Poland’s number 1 Chuck Borris makes an appearance and the opening skit is a side splitting conversation between two American college kids about the effects of Nuie & Tera’s music. It is genuinely funny, and doesn’t feel forced like many rap skits, an accomplishment to be proud of.
However at times the contrasting styles conflict and sound slightly awkward together. Tracks like ‘Mental Surgery‘ and ‘Grown Man Music‘ sound more suited to a Tera solo project, with too much darkness for Nuie’s polished personna.
That said, ‘Career Ender‘ is one of the best boom bap tracks to come out Ireland in recent years and Nuie packs an emotional punch on ‘That Tune‘. A welcome return to rapping from Collie on ‘All About Them‘ should satisfy IHH purists.
This is a tightly produced CD and considering it is the third release from SmokeRoom Studios in one month it’s an incredible testimony to the professional work ethic from Tera & all the Class A’z. Standards are rising at a rapid pace, dismiss Class A’z at your own peril. This CD has some of the best work to date from both artists, there’s something for everybody to be found here.

Buy Sense The Terror 2 @

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Nu-Centz & Rawsoul – Lookin Youngfella Freestyle

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Terawrizt – Revisited LP (Free Download)

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Terawrizt – Revisited
Executively Produced By Terawrizt.
All Beats By Tony Mahoney.
Download Here @!

1. Life feat. Nu-Centz & Rawsoul (Cuts By Tigerfist)
2. Sound Of A Free Mind feat. Jambo
3. Uncivilised feat. Redzer & Nu-Centz
4. Let The Mic Go
5. Operation M.C.(Mind Control)
6. Grown Man Music feat. Nu-Centz
7. Highly Classified
8. Til I Reach The Top feat. Nu-Centz & Jambo
9. Wanders In Graveyards

Revisited is the new release from Terawrizt. The aptly titled download sees UK hip hop producer Tony Mahoney re-working a collection of cult favourite accapellas from Dublin’s illuminated emcee.
It’s a gritty affair dripping in dark emotion amid conspiracies and paranoid plots. Tera depicts a frightening but engrossing world over the course of 9 tracks.

On the chillingly atmospheric ‘Operation MC (Mind Control)’ we get bombarded with theories on social control and Jambo joins in venting frustration on ‘Sound Of A Free Mind’ with a nice nod to Shakey selling out on ‘Irish Party’. This isn’t a happy CD but we do hear a softer side on ‘Grown Man Music’ the soothing piano tones make for a suitably relaxed tune and ‘Life’ has a truly funky bassline with an outstanding verse from Meath man Rawsoul.
Fellow Class A’z members Nu-Centz & Redzer both have solid verses and Tony Mahoney does an excellent job with the beats. This is the first “must download” of 2011, earning the Craic Music seal of approval. Listen with your ears, open your eyes. Download now!
Revisited is a treat to fans, the new album ‘Silence Is Consent’ drops in early 2011. Expect all new verses from Terawrizt and more tightly crafted beats from Tony Mahoney.

Download Here @!

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Nu-Centz and Rawsoul – Hot Property on iTunes now!

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Nu-Centz & Rawsoul’s 20 track LP was released earlier this year on CD. Now for the first time, “Hot Property” is available on iTunes (click here) Previews of all the tracks can be found on iTunes. Craic Music has two songs for you to listen to right now!

Nu-Centz & Rawsoul – Workinindamornin feat. Paul Donnelly

Nu-Centz & Rawsoul – The Comedown

Physical copies will be available to buy at DFI 6 – Look out for Nu-Centz & Rawsoul

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Da Fightin Irish Mixtape Vol 1

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DFI Rap Battle League Mixtape Vol 1 hosted by Mo-K is on sale now for 5euros via

1 Intro feat. Mo-K & Borris
2 Redzer/Siyo/Nugget/Steenson/Terawrizt – Get Mashed Up
3 Nash/Bony – I’m Ill
4 Collie – So Seductive
5 KDeath – Skillz
6 Nu-Centz – Fire
7 Nugget – Forever
8 Redzer/Terawrizt – Random Bollox
9 Bony – Beamer Benz Or Bentley
10 Nu-Centz – Raw
11 Collie – Yis Are Dowpes Boys
12 Steenson – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
13 Nugget – Nugget’s Story
14 Siyo/Terawrizt/Redzer – Born For This
15 Nu-Centz – Number 1
16 Siyo/Collie – S.O.S.
17 Redzer – Loads Of Bars
18 Terawrizt – Operation M.C.(Mind Control)
19 KDeath – To Hell Or To Connacht
20 Siyo – Chilled Out Sound
21 Nugget/Siyo – 93 To Infinity
22 Terawrizt/Redzer/Siyo – The Sickest
23 Redzer -Outro

For fans of the hit Irish rap battle league, The DFI Mixtape Vol 1 features a strong selection of battlers that regular viewers will already be familar with. Over a variety of different beats all these tracks are brand new and exclusive to Da Fightin’ Irish.
Check the mixtape promo beneath and subscribe to DFI TV now.

Don’t Flop Ireland: Round 2

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The second round of the Don’t Flop Ireland battle division is set stage to take place soon with some new faces joining the ranks. Jee4ce will be gearing up for his Don’t Flop debut and hoping to beat Cork man, Bony, who has already notched an impressive victory over Siyo in the last round. Rob Steenson and I.N.K. will be in close competition to show who has the better skills amongst the younger battlers and Redzer vs Rawsoul could be the biggest clash of titans to date. Also Nugget is looking to make up for the last round’s defeat to Redzer by taking on two competitors, Siyo & Nu-Centz!

Line-up as follows:

Redzer Vs Rawsoul
Bony Vs Jee4ce
Brosy Vs Just Mikey
Nugget Vs Nu-Centz
Siyo Vs Nugget
K-Death Vs Seany
Rob Steenson Vs I.N.K.
L-Demon Vs Gwame

The event takes place on Sunday 14th March @ Cru Clothing, 69 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1.

Battles begin at 5pm sharp, please ensure you arrive in good time.

Entry is FREE but all donations are very welcome.

Please come out to support Don’t Flop and the Irish hip hop scene! Shout out to Redzer & Collie

Join the Official “Don’t Flop (Ireland)” Facebook group

Don’t Flop Ireland – MC Battle League

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The first set of battles for the newly formed Don’t Flop Ireland division are now online for anyone who couldn’t make Temple Lane Studios, Dublin on 16th Jan. There was a great turn out for the event and the standard of the battles beat most peoples expectations. Shout out to Collie & Redzer for putting together the event, look out for the second round of battles on 14th March @ Cru Clothing, Abbey St, Dublin.
Here’s the footage from the first Don’t Flop Ireland:

Rawsoul Vs Diligenz

Nu-Centz Vs Nash

Siyo Vs Bony

Redzer Vs Nugget

Subscribe to Don’t Flop Ireland on Facebook for more news & updates

Nu-Centz – Why Be Modest?

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Nu-Centz – Why Be Modest?

1. 4:28 AM
2. Believe
3. My People
4. Do It Again ft. GMC & Collie
5. Open Letter
6. You Got That ft. Maverick Sabre
7. Why Be Modest ft. Rawsoul
8. I’m From
9. It’s Love Love Love
10. Listen
11. 1 Sided
12. Take It Back ft. Diligenz
13. Apologise
14. They Say ft. Terawrizt
15. That’s Blackroom ft. Redzer & Rawsoul
16. By My Side

(click above to download)

Tallaght man Nu-Centz has kindly uploaded his 2006 unreleased album ‘Why Be Modest?’ to give fans the opportunity to hear more of his back catalogue. This is undoubtedly one of the best downloads of ’09 if you like your Irish hip hop. The three years that have passed since it’s recording do not appear to have affected the quality of this LP.
Features from Redzer, Terawrizt, Collie, GMC, Rawsoul, Diligenz, Ratman & an exceptional verse from Maverick Sabre should cement this as a classic within Ireland. The production is incredibly tight, Scooby, Danny Diggs, Sub-X and more lend a helping hand to accompany Nuie’s style. The beat choice is impeccable and really deserves a listen, Nu-Centz flows with ease and delivers some punchy verses on every track.

You’d be mad to miss this download!

Nu-Centz Myspace
Nu-Centz & Rawsoul Official Website

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