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Good Vibe Society – Have A Good Weekend

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Cork’s giant ode to YOU having a good weekend is here. Brosy, D’Beats and Mickey Gatch together have created 19 tracks of bouncin’ party infused hip hop with hilarious rhymes and off-the-wall attitude.

Good Vibe Society – Hip Hop Is Dead (After School) feat. Bony, Nash & cuts by Jus Me

There’s a hint of Beastie Boys back-to-back rapping combined with a De La Soul-style humour over the beats. And the beats, D’Beats has had a field-day on Have A Good Weekend, providing a selection of insanely upbeat vibes but there’s also some curve-balls in there to keep your attention. ‘Hip Hop Is Dead (After School)’, ‘The Good Stuff’ and ‘Dreaming The Life’ show the versatility of the producer and vocal samples are aptly chosen on ‘The Weekend Has Landed’ and ‘King Of Gibberish’.

‘Greatest Hits’ will satisfy the majority of classic hip hop fans, Brosy and Gatch effortlessly trading gems word for word. ‘Good Vibe Society’ has Brosy offering “I’ll sell my soul to get my hole off Cheryl Cole” and a number of  side-splitting references giving an insight into his insanely genius mind.

‘No Woman, No Fry’ was an instant-hit with me because I was a fan of D’Beats ‘I Wake Up’ instrumental before the vocal and the Bob Marley inspired chorus is straight Good Vibe Society shiiit!

The is a perfect summer hip hop release and the 19-tracks are well worth the €8, purchase now via Paypal

Good Vibe Society
Facebook : SoundCloud : YouTube

Have A Good Weekend Tracklist
1. Have A Good Weekend
2. Back In The Buzz
3. Good Vibe Society
4. Music
5. The Weekend Has Landed
6. Fuck That!
7. Kerry
8. Kings Of Gibberish
9. December 11th
10. Saturday Morning Interlude
11. Somebody Told Me feat. Lola
12. Hip Hop Is Dead (After School) feat. Bony, Nash & cuts by JusMe
13. The Good Stuff
14. Cork’s Most Wanted
15. Greatest Hits
16. In The Morning feat. Lola
17. Dreaming The Life
18. No Woman, No Fry
19. Tripping On A Saturday

(Buy here)

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DFI Mixtape Vol 2

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The second edition of Da Fightin’ Irish mixtape is out now to buy @

25 brand new tracks/freestyles from a handful of the best battlers including Rob Kelly, Redzer, Genesis, Terawrizt, Siyo, K-Snatch, Nu-Centz, Nash, Collie, Rawsoul, Nugget, Steenson and Matamatik.

Hosted by RTE’s SpeakerBoxx resident DJ Mo-K & DJ Mayhem

1. Intro -DJ Mo-K/DJ Mayhem
2. Mash Up Part 2 – Tera/Steenson/Collie/Nugget/Red/Siyo
3. Ohh -Rob Kelly/Nu-Centz
4. I Doubt It – Genesis
5. Verbal Intercourse – Nash/Matamatik
6. The Steez – Siyo/Nucentz
7. Bread Vs Like That – Collie/Nu-Centz
8. Keep It Thorough – Nash
9. Real Talk – Rob Kelly/Terawrizt
10. 99 Problems – Rawsoul
11. Quiet Storm  – K-Snatch
12. Kick Push  – Nugget
13. Because I’m Ginger  – Redzer
14. Lookin Youngfella – Rawsoul/Nu-Centz
15. Chill – Siyo/Terawrizt
16. Hit Em High – Collie/Nugget/Genesis
17. Interlude – DJ Mo-K/DJ Mayhem
18. Look Up – Rob Kelly/Redzer
19. 6 Foot 7 Foot – Genesis
20. Moment In Time – Redzer/Terawrizt
21. Volume 2 – Collie
22. DFI – Siyo
23. Drop – Rawsoul
24. Win Or Lose – Nu-Centz
25. We Are Prostitutes – Rawsoul

Buy Now for €4.99 w/ free worldwide delivery

Check out the videos Nu-Centz, Nugget & Siyo recorded accompanying their tracks on the mixtape.

Watch out for the full set of videos over the next couple of days from DFI 8 held in Cork with O’Shea, Innuendo & H-Bomb making guest appearances.

Siyo broke the record for the most expensive Irish hip hop video, the music remains positive!

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Don’t Flop – To The Test

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Footage from recent Don’t Flop battles “To The Test 3” held in Manchester. Cork MC’s K Snatch and Nash both put in strong performances against Pamflit and Matter.

Discuss the results on Craic Music’s Facebook discussion page.

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DFI 6 – Siyo Vs Nash

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The first of the DFI 6 battles held in The Good Bits, Dublin to be uploaded onto YouTube! Right now it’s time for an ‘innnterrrrcounty baaattle’ – Here’s Siyo Vs Nash

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DFI 6 – Trailer

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The DFI 6 vids will be going up very soon! Here’s the trailer, who’s exited?

Check Craic Music tomorrow evening for Siyo Vs Nash

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DFI 5 – Redzer/Nugget Vs Bony/Nash

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This is the last in the DFI 5 videos to be uploaded, and what a treat it is. Double promo battle between Dublin’s Redzer & Nugget Vs Cork’s Bony & Nash.

The schedule for DFI 6 upload dates are now online too!

DFI 6 – Television & YouTube Dates

1 – Siyo Vs Nash
UPC 802 / YouTube
(08/12/10) / (09/12/10)

2 – Costello Vs Desay
UPC 802 / YouTube
(15/12/10) / (16/12/10)

3 – Terawrizt Vs KDeath
UPC 802 / YouTube
(22/12/10) / (23/12/10)

4 – Steenson Vs Bony
UPC 802 / YouTube
(05/01/11) / (06/01/10)

5 – Nugget Vs Rawsoul
UPC 802 / YouTube
(12/01/11) / (13/01/11)

6 – K-Snatch Vs Mickey Gatch
UPC 802 / YouTube
(19/01/11) / (20/01/11)

Battles will be shown exclusively on UPC Channel 802 every Wednesday night at 11pm. Then uploaded to YouTube on the Thursday.
If you have UPC Digital TV make sure to tune in!
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Dizzy D – Problems (Prod. Alan Newman)

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Brand new music from the everybody’s favourite Dizzy D! Featuring production from Alan Newman, one of Dublin’s hardest grafting producers at the moment.
Dizzy has a new international mixtape dropping very soon called “UNT”. It features a whole host of mcs & producers from the US/UK and Ireland including 6th Sense, Illa J, Siyo, SertOne, Gerard I2, Nash, Mugsy & Stop.

Dizzy D – Problems (Prod. Alan Newman)

Dizzy has released two mixtapes to date “The Dizzasters” & “Ruff & Raw”. He is still growing as an artist and has now won 10 open mic nights in total at The Slaughtered Lamb & The Pound, Swords.  For anyone who followed Kounter Kulture’s Irish Undaground series, Dizzy D made it to #1 on the chart a few times and has collaborated with artists Siyo, Gerard I2 & Just Mikey on recent-ish tracks.
Craic Music was kindly given 5 tracks that were up for free download, so if you like what you are hearing, make sure to grab them!

Dizzy D – Even More High feat. Just Mikey
Dizzy D – Freeversin’ (Prod. SertOne)
Dizzy D – Ranting feat. Siyo & Just Mikey
Dizzy D – The Cypher feat. Bigo
Dizzy D – Formulated Flows

Dizzy D
Twitter : SoundCloud : YouTube

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DFI 5 – Nash Vs Jambo

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Fans of DFI will not be disappointed with the latest battle, Nash Vs Jambo. It’s clear to many in the short time DFI has been around that standards are constantly getting raised and at a rapid pace too. Nash returns hoping to even up his league stats while Jambo looks to repeat his impressive debut win. There can only be one winner, watch now!

Let us know your thoughts @ Craic Music Facebook
And to watch previous DFI TV archives click here

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Da’ Fightin Irish 6 – Good Bits, Dublin Sat 27th Nov

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DFI 6 returns to The Good Bits, Store Street, Dublin on Sat 27th Nov for the next installment of Irish rap league battles. Undoubtably the most anticipated battle is the headline act Nugget vs Rawsoul. Both emcee’s are considered to be amongst the best battlers in Ireland and this will really go some length in deciding who deserves the DFI crown. Also expect an explosive debut performance from Terawrizt as he faces off against KDeath. Every battle is a close contest on paper from Steenson vs Bony to Genesis vs Brosy & Siyo vs Nash. This is not an event to be missed, if you are free Sat 27th Nov try and get to Dublin!

Battle Line-Up
Nugget Vs Rawsoul
Terawrizt Vs KDeath
Steenson Vs Bony
Genesis Vs Brosy
Siyo Vs Nash
KSnatch Vs Mickey Gatch
Costello Vs Desay

Catch live performances from Genesis Elijah (UK) Siyo (Dublin) Jee4ce (Antrim) GMC (Cork) & DJ Mo-K (Dublin) straight after DFI 6.

Remember alcohol is served so I.D. will be needed and admission is €5
Battles start at 3pm Sat 27th Nov

Facebook : YouTube

Da Fightin Irish Mixtape Vol 1

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DFI Rap Battle League Mixtape Vol 1 hosted by Mo-K is on sale now for 5euros via

1 Intro feat. Mo-K & Borris
2 Redzer/Siyo/Nugget/Steenson/Terawrizt – Get Mashed Up
3 Nash/Bony – I’m Ill
4 Collie – So Seductive
5 KDeath – Skillz
6 Nu-Centz – Fire
7 Nugget – Forever
8 Redzer/Terawrizt – Random Bollox
9 Bony – Beamer Benz Or Bentley
10 Nu-Centz – Raw
11 Collie – Yis Are Dowpes Boys
12 Steenson – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
13 Nugget – Nugget’s Story
14 Siyo/Terawrizt/Redzer – Born For This
15 Nu-Centz – Number 1
16 Siyo/Collie – S.O.S.
17 Redzer – Loads Of Bars
18 Terawrizt – Operation M.C.(Mind Control)
19 KDeath – To Hell Or To Connacht
20 Siyo – Chilled Out Sound
21 Nugget/Siyo – 93 To Infinity
22 Terawrizt/Redzer/Siyo – The Sickest
23 Redzer -Outro

For fans of the hit Irish rap battle league, The DFI Mixtape Vol 1 features a strong selection of battlers that regular viewers will already be familar with. Over a variety of different beats all these tracks are brand new and exclusive to Da Fightin’ Irish.
Check the mixtape promo beneath and subscribe to DFI TV now.

Cork DnB with GMC, MC Mighty, Bony and Rawsoul

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Badboy riddim right here! Pump Your System is a frantic DnB tune produced by GMC featuring MC Mighty, Bony & Rawsoul.
Taken off the new LP Shiny Filth expect cameos from Collie, Nash & Bubba Shakespeare amongst 20 brand new & original songs.

GMC – Pump Your System (Feat. MC Mighty, Bony & Rawsoul) (Extended Version)

GMC Website
Shiny Filth LP @ CDBaby
Facebook : Soundcloud
Twitter : YouTube

Da Fightin’ Irish: Round 5

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The FIFTH DFI event of 2010 takes place once again
This time in ‘Mischief’ on Capel/Parnell Street, Dublin

Line-up as follows:



with special event
2 vs 2


The event takes place on SATURDAY 25TH SEPT @ ”Mischief’ on Capel/Parnell Street, Dublin


Battles begin at 3pm,please arrive in good time

Subscribe to DFITV for footage of past events

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