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Nugget – Ready To Diet *Buy Now

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1. Ready to Diet (Intro) (prod. Noize Thievery)
2. Soundtrack To My Life (prod. Terawrizt)
3. Living Hell (Dark Days are Back) (prod. Monto Da Beatweaver)
4. Brave in the Heart ft. Terawrizt (prod. Wyze Intellect)
5. Doesn’t Really Matter ft. Collie (prod. Sinful Deedz)
6. Loser Part 2 (prod. Tony Mahoney)
7. Feels Good (prod. Jee4ce)
8. Story (prod. Tony Mahoney)
9. Irish Tune ft. Siyo & Class A’z (prod. Tony Mahoney)
10. Path of Life ft. KDeath & Rob Steenson (prod. Tony Mahoney)
11. The Ultimate ft. Redzer & Terawrizt (prod. Danny Diggs)
12. 8 Millions Bars (prod. Pro P)
13 Still a Fat Bastard (Outro) (prod. Base Gamble)

Executive Producer: Terawrizt

SmokeRoom Productions are trailblazing with the second release of 2011 now available to buy @
Ready To Diet‘ is the cleverly titled follow-up to ‘The Nugget Ya To Hate’ LP.
A full course of healthy beats, relatable rhymes and tongue in cheek humour is on offer here. Nugget’s strength lies in the hard-hitting punch lines and the ability to laugh at himself. One glance at the artwork and that should be quite obvious (shouts to Jebus, genius idea).

Generally poor constructed studio tracks plague hardened battle rappers albums but that’s not the case on ‘Ready To Diet‘. The line-up of guest features and production credits make this one of most exciting hip hop releases to come from Ireland in a very long time.
Starting with Nugget’s slick sounding intro over Noize Thievery’s backdrop, followed by a superb flow on ‘Soundtrack Of My Life‘. There is a wonderful feel to the beats whether it’s Tony Mahoney’s dark, movie-like sounds Irish Tune’/’Path Of Life or Sinful Deed’s spacey, laid back riddim ‘Doesn’t Really Matter ft. Collie’. Nugget seems at ease on the productions, his ideas are realistically captured without ever exceeding limits of reality or playing up a fake, glamorous lifestyle. This is a genuine portrayal of the ordinary day-to-day drag.
The self deprecating humour and honest feel on this record, make it special. Nugget doesn’t brag & boast about being number 1, he doesn’t need to. Fans value him as something of an underdog, funny then that his debut was the Nugget we love to hate because the Dublin anti hero may very well just turn out to be the Nugget we love to love.

Buy ‘Ready To Diet‘ now @ 

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DFI 6 – Terawrizt Vs KDeath

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Inteerrrrrcounty battle to obtain the crown as most illuminated reptilian king, Tera Vs KDeath lets go!

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DFI 6 – Trailer

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The DFI 6 vids will be going up very soon! Here’s the trailer, who’s exited?

Check Craic Music tomorrow evening for Siyo Vs Nash

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Da’ Fightin Irish 6 – Good Bits, Dublin Sat 27th Nov

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DFI 6 returns to The Good Bits, Store Street, Dublin on Sat 27th Nov for the next installment of Irish rap league battles. Undoubtably the most anticipated battle is the headline act Nugget vs Rawsoul. Both emcee’s are considered to be amongst the best battlers in Ireland and this will really go some length in deciding who deserves the DFI crown. Also expect an explosive debut performance from Terawrizt as he faces off against KDeath. Every battle is a close contest on paper from Steenson vs Bony to Genesis vs Brosy & Siyo vs Nash. This is not an event to be missed, if you are free Sat 27th Nov try and get to Dublin!

Battle Line-Up
Nugget Vs Rawsoul
Terawrizt Vs KDeath
Steenson Vs Bony
Genesis Vs Brosy
Siyo Vs Nash
KSnatch Vs Mickey Gatch
Costello Vs Desay

Catch live performances from Genesis Elijah (UK) Siyo (Dublin) Jee4ce (Antrim) GMC (Cork) & DJ Mo-K (Dublin) straight after DFI 6.

Remember alcohol is served so I.D. will be needed and admission is €5
Battles start at 3pm Sat 27th Nov

Facebook : YouTube

DFI 5 – KDeath Vs Jee4ce

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The second battle to be uploaded from DFI 5 @ Mischief. It features KDeath (Leitrim) Vs Jee4ce (Antrim) and is the first interrrrrrrcouuuuunty battle from the day.

Da Fightin Irish Mixtape Vol 1

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DFI Rap Battle League Mixtape Vol 1 hosted by Mo-K is on sale now for 5euros via

1 Intro feat. Mo-K & Borris
2 Redzer/Siyo/Nugget/Steenson/Terawrizt – Get Mashed Up
3 Nash/Bony – I’m Ill
4 Collie – So Seductive
5 KDeath – Skillz
6 Nu-Centz – Fire
7 Nugget – Forever
8 Redzer/Terawrizt – Random Bollox
9 Bony – Beamer Benz Or Bentley
10 Nu-Centz – Raw
11 Collie – Yis Are Dowpes Boys
12 Steenson – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
13 Nugget – Nugget’s Story
14 Siyo/Terawrizt/Redzer – Born For This
15 Nu-Centz – Number 1
16 Siyo/Collie – S.O.S.
17 Redzer – Loads Of Bars
18 Terawrizt – Operation M.C.(Mind Control)
19 KDeath – To Hell Or To Connacht
20 Siyo – Chilled Out Sound
21 Nugget/Siyo – 93 To Infinity
22 Terawrizt/Redzer/Siyo – The Sickest
23 Redzer -Outro

For fans of the hit Irish rap battle league, The DFI Mixtape Vol 1 features a strong selection of battlers that regular viewers will already be familar with. Over a variety of different beats all these tracks are brand new and exclusive to Da Fightin’ Irish.
Check the mixtape promo beneath and subscribe to DFI TV now.

Da Fightin’ Irish: Round 5

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The FIFTH DFI event of 2010 takes place once again
This time in ‘Mischief’ on Capel/Parnell Street, Dublin

Line-up as follows:



with special event
2 vs 2


The event takes place on SATURDAY 25TH SEPT @ ”Mischief’ on Capel/Parnell Street, Dublin


Battles begin at 3pm,please arrive in good time

Subscribe to DFITV for footage of past events

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