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With a good deal of albums due for release this summer, it’s inevitable that some tracks won’t make the cut. Here’s 3 throw aways that surfaced on the net recently.

Terawrizt Humanity feat. Big Ben
The Tony Mahoney produced, punch-line packed tune missed the final selection for Tera’s ‘Silence Is Consent‘ album due out soon.

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Make Some Room
This mad crunk remix of House Of Pain’s Jump Around/Bob & Earl’s Harlem Shuffle should grab listeners attention, but it won’t be on the self-produced ‘My Friend Jack‘ EP out hopefully by the end of this month.

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Rejjie Snow
In typical Rejjie Snow style the details are on the low, but that doesn’t matter here because this super chilled ‘parody’ track shows the ever entertaining Snow at his best. ‘Fish & Chips’ EP might be out tomorrow or in ten years time, keep an eye on his social media.

Rejjie Snow
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