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The Original Rudeboys – Written Songs (Feeling Good)

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North Inner City Dublin lads, The Original Rudeboys, are in the process of becoming a very succesful band and their latest video for ‘Written Songs (Feeling Good)” is easy listening and perfect for the music channels.

They are an excellent example of how diverse the hip hop scene in Ireland is and what it can offer people of all ages. Neddy keeps the flows smooth and the Rudeboys have deservedly clocked 26,000 YouTube views in two days.

Their current ‘Written Songs’ EP is #2 in iTunes charts, you can find it (here) and tickets to ORB’s gig in The Academy, Dublin 22nd Dec are now on sale via Ticketmaster

The Original Rudeboys
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Bitter Rocc – Cold City (Video)

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Dublin based rapper Bitter Rocc drops the official video for his track Cold City taken off the Cold City album due out as a free download very soon.

The video is shot entirely on an iPhone 4S by Danielle Dempsey & Richard O’Connor; it could be miscontrued as some kind of fashion statement however the video is pretty solid after being edited.

Fans of the track don’t need to wait for the album as Bitter Rocc has made it available to download from his SoundCloud page, make sure to grab it below!

At the start of the year Bitter Rocc released a beat tape of 16 instrumentals for MCs to download and tear up, check the Paint By Numbers mixtape (click here)

Another fact for readers, Bitter Rocc also recently designed the artwork to G.I’s upcoming album ‘Underworld’ which is one to look out for.

Bitter Rocc
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The Elements – Smooth Sailing feat. Ruairi Coogan

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New official video out from The Elements called ‘Smooth Sailing’. The chilled, jazzy sound  is courtesy of Gemsmiff and the mixing/mastering by Ndlz.

Mr Highspeed talks about ‘mummified mong rats’ and ‘milkshake mistresses’ in a bizarre but very listenable verse, while S.W.O.R.D.S holds down the more straight forward hip hop flow and the vocals are handled by Ruairi Coogan keeping the sound laid-back.

If you missed The Elements – Lost Archives ’06-’08 remastering release earlier this year, make sure to download and give it a listen.

1. Find Your Self
2. Ragga Trip feat. Ruairi Coogan
3. 3 Minutes
4. Equality
5. A New You
6. Overload feat. Ruairi Coogan
7. Gifted feat. Liz Davis
8. Nu Roots
9. MC Pedigree
10. Youth Of Today
11. Seduction feat. Liz Davis
12. It Is Not What You Expected

Download (click here)

The Elements
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Craic Music Podcast Vol 3

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An hours worth of brand new 100% homegrown Irish hip hop to stream & download.

MC’s & producers from all over the country are featured in this comphrensive round up of Ireland’s flourishing genre.

As always, shouts to everyone featured. MCs/Producers looking to contribute to future podcasts email:

Stick it on your phone, play it on your laptop, burn it for your car stereo. Share/spread on Facebook/Twitter as well.

1. Sketch Nine – Still Shinin (Deviant & Naive Ted Remix)
2. Costello – The Representatives feat. G.I
3. Sons Phonetic – Abacus
4. RíRá – Orotunder feat. 4Real
5. Noize Thievery – Priceless Stone (Prod. Seaz 420)
6. Good Vibe Society – Hip Hop Is Dead (After School) feat. Bony & Nash (Cuts by JusMe)
7. Mr HighSpeed – Late At Night
8. Temper-Mental Miss Elayenous – Dominoes
9. Spekulative Fiktion – My Habitat feat. K Snatch
10. Jee4ce – Problem
11. Siyo – It Ain’t Easy
12. The Infomatics – Let Me Fly
13. Tanya Denise – Star Child
14. Gerard i2 – Star Gazin feat. Mic Ryan
15. Genesis – I Wanna Be (Prod. GMC)

Download (Click Here)

Craic Music Podcast Vol 3 by Craicmusic on Mixcloud

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DJ Moschops – Prophecy (Download)

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The Prophecy has taken DJ Moschops 8 years of hard work to complete and it’s a journey worth experiencing.
There are verses from Lunitic, Messiah J & 4Real while Jimmy The Hideous Penguin, Deviant & Tweek add to the production.
It’s released on Working Class Records and can be purchased for €5 on Bandcamp.

The Prophecy Tracklist
1. Skratghenesis
2. Babylon Intro
3. Deep Water
4. Plant The Seed
5. Sophia’s Experiment
6. Waterboil
7. Rugged And Raw
8. Earthquake Skit
9. Hyperdimensional
10. Better Dead Than Alien
11. Fake ET’s
12. Stepper
13. Higher State Of Ryme
14. Asstronaut
15. Hydrogen Black
16. Death Or Malfunction
17. Song Of Blood
18. Murderstone
19. Illustrius
20. Eviltone Skit
21. End Of Prophecy

(Buy here)

Rhymes, beats, skratches and supersonic sounds that will bring civilisation to the brink of destruction… 

‘Prophecy’ is an ancient vortex code located beyond the spoke of destiny, an electric terror weaving itself into the fabric of reality.. 

Warning: Listen at your own risk, the sonic journey may be perilous and strange for those of you with mechanic brains. 

All mon-eye from album sales will go towards the mobilisation of the Skratch Bus, which with your support will travel Ireland and Europe doing shows to promote skilled musicians and connect great music with scenic locations. 

Watch out for a 6-track follow up EP featuring Ophelia, Costello and DJackulate out soon.

DJ Moschops
Bandcamp : SoundCloud : Website

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Seaz 420 – Sewer Rats (Download)

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Sewer Rats is the latest project by Belfast producer Seaz 420.
Featuring a number of notable appearances from DJ Koncept, Dexter 144, and Noize Thievery among others; it’s a gutter hip-hop offering, murky beats and raw rhymes with grainy textures.
Seaz 420’s beats are the real highlight here, they’re almost Rza-like constantly creating unsettling atmospheres. Sewer Rats is sure to be one LP getting rinsed on rainy summer days throughout Ireland. Grab the free download now at Seaz 420’s Bandcamp page.


Sewer Rats Tracklist

1. Plagued feat. DJ Koncept
2. Dreampill feat. Dexter
3. Grapeseed feat. Dexter
4. Rational Fear feat. Setanta & Reck
5. Watery Circuits feat. Noize Thievery
6. Pipe Dwellin’
7. Subterranean Network
8. Sewage Blues feat. Spix & Fube
9. Priceless Stone feat. Noize Thievery & No Studio Pet
10. Meditate feat. Dexter

(Download here)

Seaz 420

Facebook : SoundCloud : MySpace

In Memory Of Dee Corr

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Collie Collins – Keep Her Lit (2011)

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The new 4 track EP is out now to buy @ Collie’s Bandcamp
1. Leap
2. How Does?!?
3.  Keep Her Lit
4. Cavity

Released on Bad Mood Records, Produced By Ross Sullivan, Mix & Mastered By Collie.

Listen to the brand new Collie Collins ‘Keep Her Lit’ produced by Monto (Wicklow Town).

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