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Temper-Mental MissElayneous – Step In The Ring (Video)

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You may remember last month Craic Music reported Temper-Mental MissElayneous’s Proletarian Restitution EP and a track called ‘Step In The Ring’ inspired by Katie Taylor the Irish Female World Boxing Champion competing in this year’s Olympics.

Here’s the official video to ‘Step In The Ring’ instead of keepin er lit TMN is keepin er wet, it’s an entertaining watch.

The beat was produced by Eberhart and Lindsey Byrne directs the video.

All the proceeds of the track will be donated to the Peter McVerry Trust supporting Dublin’s homeless. Buy it here for €1 (click here)

Temper Mental Miss-Elayneous
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Shut Yer Trap

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After the disappointing scoreline last night in Euro 2012 thanks to the Spanish; one thing noticeably prevailed, the chants and songs of the supporters.
Here’s some uplifting music for any post-match hangovers still occurring.

Major Grave part of Standard Crew recently uploaded this grimey MPC remix of the 2005 J Sweet release. It’s got that old school grime sound on the samples and it’s a lively beat. Remember to catch Standard Crew every Saturday on 106.4fm Dublin (Link for online users) 9pm-10.30pm

Bandcamp : Facebook : YouTube

J Sweet – Kerb (Major Grave MPC Remix)

SertOne is as productive as ever, there’s a whole host of remixes, edits and stuff to download over on his SoundCloud page. Check this Major Lazer – Original Don remix and try not blowing out your speakers on the drop. “Shapes In The Sky EP” is coming out soon and expect some collabo work with Melted Music associate Monto.

Facebook : Twitter : SoundCloud

Major Lazer – Original Don (SertOne Edit)

G.I is a sought-after name throughout Ireland for his production after supplying the beats for Lethal Dialect, Costello and Street Literature’s impeccable releases, . Fans should be gearing up for his debut project ‘Underworld’ due out sometime this summer. G.I is playing Twisted Pepper in Dublin tonight alongside Costello and Willa Lee, 12euro entrance fee.

Facebook : Twitter : SoundCloud

G.I – Today

Captain Moonlight, the Kilkenny Camogieman is offering a selection of singles, demos and downloads on his SoundCloud. Moonlight first gained notoriety for his single ‘Dirty Cunts’ which is available part of the Agroculture trilogy online. He has funny political insights on Ireland and one of the most recognisable voices throughout the country.

Bandcamp : Facebook : Twitter

Captain Moonlight – Racketeer

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Cork Hip Hop Project – Get Involved!

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Budding MCs, singers, musicians, DJs and beatboxers should take note of the latest hip hop project starting in Cork this September.

Co-ordinated by GMC, he’s experienced in running workshops with schools and youth clubs, developing the ‘new skool’ talent in Ireland, most of which can be heard here!

“There are limited spaces for this new project that will be happening in Cork city starting in September. The overall aim of the project is to write, record, produce and promote a music album from scratch. We need rappers, singers, musicians, DJs, beatboxers to collaborate with each other on this. We will also arrange gigs to showcase the work as well as a website. You need to be 16 by September 2011 (If you are a year or two younger and feel that something like this would be of huge benefit to you then tell us why and we MIGHT be able to fit you in). This project is free of charge. If we have large numbers interested we may run a second project simultaneously.

This is a great opportunity to participate in recording a hip hop album for free and learn some valuable experience.

There’s only a couple of days left to apply so make sure to go to right away!

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New DSG video trailer for ‘Hypnotize’

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Expect the full video soon, in the mean time go download some DSG @

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Father Jack ft. Lord Willin – Never Settle

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New sickness from Father Jack & Boston’s Lord Willin on the punchline crazy “Never Settle”. Father Jack has brewed up another strong concoction with Boombox Saint member on this free download. Grab it right now!
And remember to subscribe to Father Jack Music SoundCloud for the latest productions & free giveaways.

Father Jack ft Lord Willin – Never Settle

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Da Fightin Irish Mixtape Vol 1

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DFI Rap Battle League Mixtape Vol 1 hosted by Mo-K is on sale now for 5euros via

1 Intro feat. Mo-K & Borris
2 Redzer/Siyo/Nugget/Steenson/Terawrizt – Get Mashed Up
3 Nash/Bony – I’m Ill
4 Collie – So Seductive
5 KDeath – Skillz
6 Nu-Centz – Fire
7 Nugget – Forever
8 Redzer/Terawrizt – Random Bollox
9 Bony – Beamer Benz Or Bentley
10 Nu-Centz – Raw
11 Collie – Yis Are Dowpes Boys
12 Steenson – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
13 Nugget – Nugget’s Story
14 Siyo/Terawrizt/Redzer – Born For This
15 Nu-Centz – Number 1
16 Siyo/Collie – S.O.S.
17 Redzer – Loads Of Bars
18 Terawrizt – Operation M.C.(Mind Control)
19 KDeath – To Hell Or To Connacht
20 Siyo – Chilled Out Sound
21 Nugget/Siyo – 93 To Infinity
22 Terawrizt/Redzer/Siyo – The Sickest
23 Redzer -Outro

For fans of the hit Irish rap battle league, The DFI Mixtape Vol 1 features a strong selection of battlers that regular viewers will already be familar with. Over a variety of different beats all these tracks are brand new and exclusive to Da Fightin’ Irish.
Check the mixtape promo beneath and subscribe to DFI TV now.

Jun Tzu – Belfast Baby Mixtape (Free DL)

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Belfast Baby is the hard hitting mixtape from Belfast born emcee Jun Tzu. The 20 track mixtape was released for free & independently earlier in May 2010. Jun currently resides in Manchester but still keeps his lyrics rooted in Irish culture and history.
Download Jun Tzu – Belfast Baby

Belfast Baby
is a unique and refreshing listen. It takes an insightful look into the northern lifestyle capturing the real essence and spirit of the Belfast people. Standout tracks include a new Specials ‘Message to you Rudy’ instrumental remix of ‘Wee Jonny‘, ‘The Bridge‘, ‘Toppa Da Morning‘, a feature from Manchester’s Chronicle and the joyously traditional ‘Folkmusic The Evil Foreman’.  That said, the whole mixtape is a solid package and each track compliments the one before it. Get it now!

Jun Tzu’s
Facebook : Twitter : Myspace : YouTube

GMC – Give Us Back Sam Maguire

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Cork scores an all Ireland GAA victory this year and it will be to the delight of top rapper/producer GMC as it certifies his ‘Sex Is On Fire’ spoof rap in 2010’s history books.
Featuring guest vocals from J90’s Ger, ‘Give Us Back Sam Maguire’ was getting regular spins on Cork’s Red FM.

For more on past releases you can check GMC’s iTunes page
And remember the Facebook, Twitter & YouTube sites

Digger – Brookfield Grime EP

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Digger’s long awaited Brookfield Grime EP has landed! Heavy Dublin bass business with remixes from Piratio, Scheme Boy and SSTN’s very own Kachanski.
Available now for free or voluntary donation from Bandcamp.
Download Brookfield Grime!

Digger are Knack Daddy and Xim, from Mullingar/Dublin. They are very old friends and have made music together for years. Digger is a new project started in 2010 after a while apart.

They are already making waves on the Irish and UK bass music scene, having drawn praise from leading lights like Boxcutter and Kuedo (aka Jamie Vex’d).

Make sure to have a listen if you are looking for some progressive Dublin dubstep sounds.

For music, gig listings and booking enquiries catch Digger on facebook and MySpace:
Digger Facebook
Digger MySpace

Shout to Second Square To None

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