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Make A Move Festival 2012

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Massive shout to Make A Move Festival hosting a FOUR day hip hop festival in Limerick between the 5th-8th July.

There’s something for everyone, graffiti, breaking, seminars and even a barbecue to stuff your face while listening to some tremendous hip hop from the likes of RiRa and DJ Mek, Lethal Dialect and Temper-Mental Miss Elayneous.

Head over to for more details

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Kav (Sons Phonetic) – Keep It Raw featuring 4Real

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Dust off your mp3 players, and load up the rawness, Kav from Sons Phonetic has upped this collaboration with 4Real of Street Literature. Production from Mook and it’s available to download now.

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Rob Kelly – Half Mast Flag (Official Video)

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Rob Kelly knows how to throw tracks with a punch. Half Mast Flag features the impressive production talents of Danny Diggs, keeping his style polished as ever.

Bare quotables ‘Good God almighty, Jesus and Mary J// Next tatt I get is Jesus smokin’ Mary Jane’ it’s a must watch.

Shout to young Ovie as he directs the second Kells video, high production values on offer, although it would be nice to see a stronger concept next time round. At 19 years of age he’s doing an impressive job.

Rob Kelly
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Keep an eye out for Rob’s new album, it should be ready in the coming months.

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Cork Hip Hop Project – Get Involved!

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Budding MCs, singers, musicians, DJs and beatboxers should take note of the latest hip hop project starting in Cork this September.

Co-ordinated by GMC, he’s experienced in running workshops with schools and youth clubs, developing the ‘new skool’ talent in Ireland, most of which can be heard here!

“There are limited spaces for this new project that will be happening in Cork city starting in September. The overall aim of the project is to write, record, produce and promote a music album from scratch. We need rappers, singers, musicians, DJs, beatboxers to collaborate with each other on this. We will also arrange gigs to showcase the work as well as a website. You need to be 16 by September 2011 (If you are a year or two younger and feel that something like this would be of huge benefit to you then tell us why and we MIGHT be able to fit you in). This project is free of charge. If we have large numbers interested we may run a second project simultaneously.

This is a great opportunity to participate in recording a hip hop album for free and learn some valuable experience.

There’s only a couple of days left to apply so make sure to go to right away!

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Who Ya Votin For!?

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The two best candidates for election this year


“Voting Works”

Captain Moonlight – Banana Republican (Free Download)

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Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2

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Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2

1. Intro
2. Shut The Fuck Up Ft. Redzer – Produced By Danny Diggs
3. Show You Somethin’ – Produced By Tallafornia Records
4. Mental Surgery – Produced By Tony Mahoney
5. Agro Bastards Ft. Redzer – Produced By Tallafornia Records
6. Keep Walkin’ Away (Remix)
7. Get Yourself A Man (Interlude) – Produced By SertOne
8. Career Ender Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Kounter Kulture
9. The Business Ft. Rawsoul – Produced By Jamie McPeake
10. Grown Man Music – Produced By Tony Mahoney
11. Had Enough Ft Class B & Gabriella Marsella – Produced By Jamie McPeake
12. That Tune – Produced By Tony Mahoney
13. Take It To The Top – Produced By JD Beats
14. All About Them Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Jamie McPeake
15. Chuck Boris Complaint(Skit)
16. Class Regg-A Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Salt-D
17. That Lyrical Miracle Shit Ft. Redzer – Produced By Tony Mahoney
18. Dublin Girls(Remix)
19. End Of The Road Ft Rawsoul – Produced By Jamie McPeake

Executively Produced By Terawrizt @ SmokeRoom Studios 2011

Buy Now! @

It’s said there is no rest for the wicked, so to sense any impending terror from the SmokeRoom Studios at the moment is incredibly difficult. Nu-Centz & Terawrizt are back with the second installment of their popular collabo mixtape series. 19 brand new tracks recorded with local producers and features from fellow Class A’z members.

The CD picks up where we left off last time, continuing the trend of Yin/Yang styles we heard on the first Sense The Terror (available as ‘Free Download‘).  There is a great deal of variety on offer, from the aggressive, riot inducing ‘Aggro Bastards‘,  the defiant and inspirational ‘Keep WalkinAway‘ to the reggae tinged ‘Class Regga A‘ putting the smoke into SmokeRoom studios.
We’ve come to expect a certain amount of humour included in Class A releases, Poland’s number 1 Chuck Borris makes an appearance and the opening skit is a side splitting conversation between two American college kids about the effects of Nuie & Tera’s music. It is genuinely funny, and doesn’t feel forced like many rap skits, an accomplishment to be proud of.
However at times the contrasting styles conflict and sound slightly awkward together. Tracks like ‘Mental Surgery‘ and ‘Grown Man Music‘ sound more suited to a Tera solo project, with too much darkness for Nuie’s polished personna.
That said, ‘Career Ender‘ is one of the best boom bap tracks to come out Ireland in recent years and Nuie packs an emotional punch on ‘That Tune‘. A welcome return to rapping from Collie on ‘All About Them‘ should satisfy IHH purists.
This is a tightly produced CD and considering it is the third release from SmokeRoom Studios in one month it’s an incredible testimony to the professional work ethic from Tera & all the Class A’z. Standards are rising at a rapid pace, dismiss Class A’z at your own peril. This CD has some of the best work to date from both artists, there’s something for everybody to be found here.

Buy Sense The Terror 2 @

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Noize Thievery presents The Man With No Name

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Noize Thievery is quickly gaining recognition as one of Ireland’s best hip hop producers. His last instrumental Glass Mountain Yeti’ notched an impressive 25,000 listens on SoundCloud, with listeners all round the world playing his beats.
He now returns with a fellow Belfast emcee The Man With No Name on ‘Beyond The Interface Vol.1 (Short Stories In A Matter Of Minutes)’ released on Feb 1st.
Craic Music has a sneak peek at one of the tracks ‘Grey City Scapes’ and is happy to announce the tracklist for the forthcoming project

1. Intro
2. Divided Kingdom
3. The Man With No Name Interlude
4. The Man With No Name
5. Grey City Scapes
6. Beyond the Interface Interlude
7. Beyond The Interface

Cutz by DJ Koncept, Beatz By Noize Thievery, Lyrics by The Man With No Name, Additonal Adlibs By Dex144, Mixed and Mastered By Chemo.

Noize Thievery – Grey City Scapes feat. The Man With No Name

Noize Thievery – Deeper

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