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Super Extra Bonus Party – Tea With Lord Haw Haw

Posted in Irish Hip Hop Audio, Irish Hip Hop Downloads with tags , , , , , on October 21, 2010 by craicmusic

Super Extra Bonus Party are an unusual bunch. Consisting of 5 members the Kildare outfit fuses minimal hip hop with kalaedoscopic electronica clashes, spiky indie guitars and pounding drums. Here’s a recent YouTube uploading of their track Tea With Lord Haw Haw featuring Captain Moonlight and Irish beat boxer White Noise
They have a string of varied collaborations, one particular stand out track from their 2009 ‘Night Horses’ LP is with Mr. Lif, have a listen

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Here is a free album from Super Extra Bonus Party in which 16 of their tracks get full remix treatments from a range of eclectic producers – “Appetite For Reconstruction” Download Now!

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