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Off The Record – Craic Music Mix

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Craic Music recently featured in Off The Record’s mix series, 10 mixes with 10 different genres by Irish DJ’s.

There’s plenty of great music to be heard, hit up for more!

Off The Record – Volume #010
mixed by Craic Music

“For our tenth installment we’re delving into the archives of Irish hip-hop with Craic Music. You can expect to hear lesser known gems, clips of hip-hop history and an element of discovery in whats coming up in the Irish scene. Craic Music has compiled this brilliant mix in a flawless and fun way representing a genre that deserves a lot more notice in this country. This mix is another shining example of what we’re all about at Off The Record, getting new unheard sounds out to the world. Check out our blog for more info,”

Download (click here)

Off The Record – Volume #010 – Craic Music by Craicmusic on Mixcloud

Craic Music
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Lethal Dialect LD50 I/II (Download)

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The first two installments of the three part series are now available for free download. This is in preparation for LD50 Magnum Opus which is on the way to being completed and released this summer.

There’s very little I can write about the albums without sounding like a deluded hyped up fan spouting endless praise. Seriously, I can’t stress enough how important these albums are for your collection.
LD50 I & II issued in a new era of hip hop from Ireland; they are one of the reasons Craic Music continues to exist.

There isn’t a bad song across LD50’s 10 tracks or LD50 Pt II’s 11. It’s succinct, self-aware and crafted to near-perfection. Discussing tracks would feel like giving movie-spoilers away, and the replay value here will have you listening until the mp3’s are scratched & warped.

LD50 Tracklist
1. The Beginning
2. Metamorphose
3. Cold And Calculated
4. The National
5. Show You How feat. Tommy Hand
6. They Set You Up (Interlude)
7. Cold Case
8. The International
9. Do You Believe
10. Far From The End

(Download here)

LD50 Part 2 Tracklist
1.  The Sermon
2. Outstr8 feat. G.I
3. Dark Horse
4. The Four Comandantes feat. Mouse & Costello
5. Keep It Real
6. Make My Route feat. Tommy Hand
7. Apparitions feat. Costello & Jambo
8. The Bet (Skit)
9. Black Magic
10. Snakes & Reptiles
11. Get To My Dreams feat. Willa Lee

(Download here)

Magnum Opus will have features from RiRa & Cyrus Malachi; expect production from G.I, Ghost, Danny Diggs, The Expert and 7th Dan. Lethal Dialect is apparently going to contribute to the production as well which should be exciting.

Lethal Dialect
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Craic Music
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Maverick Sabre – Where We Gonna Go (Free Download)

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More freeness from the ever popular Maverick Sabre.
“Where We Gonna Go” is a highly charged D’n’B vocalled anthem, grab it for free @ his Bandcamp page.
It’s dance-floor ready and perfect for the good weather. Expect the album sometime late in 2011, check for more updates

Maverick has rocked quite a few live shows recently, a highlight being the Jools Holland performance, if you missed it first time round, watch now!

Craic Music
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Noize Thievery – Beyond The Interface Vol 1

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1. Intro
2. Divided Kingdom
3. Depths Of Atlantis
4. Grey City Scapes
5. Beyond The Interface Interlude
6. Beyond The Interface
7. Divided Kingdom (Instrumental)
8. Depths Of Atlantis (Instrumental)
9. Grey City Scapes (Instrumental)
10. Beyond The Interface Interlude (Instrumental)
11. Beyond The Interface (Instrumental)

Noize Thievery has just released a brand new EP called ‘Beyond The Interface Vol 1‘. It was recently revealed ‘The Man With No Name’ was used as an alias to record under, that’s been dropped and Noize Thievery handles everything you hear on this EP.
It is genuinely sick. Little needs said about his production skills, the past few months he’s delivered beats with glorious movie-like grandeur. All 5 instrumentals are included in the download as well, nice bonus. The lyrics hold weight, honestly the more you listen to it the more it grows on you. Fans of recent Lethal Dialect & Sons Phonetic releases will eat this up. It’s not as aggressive, Noize spits in a slower, more pronounced fashion and takes a philosophical approach to his rhymes. However there is still a certain rawness to the sound while remaining easy on the ear. Grab this now either from:

Bandcamp : Mediafire
Noize Thievery – Grey City Scapes

Craic Music
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Rob Kelly – Mike Lowery Freestyle

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Rob Kelly’s punchline filled freestyle over Skepta’s recent Mike Lowery beat

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Rob Kelly – Mike Lowery Freestyle

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Syze – Syze Matters (Free D/L)

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Free mixtape download from super lyrical Northern Irish emcee Syze, the Punchline King of Ireland. Featuring collaborations with Madness, DZK & Tha Duke

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1. Why So Serious
2. Heat
3. Syze Is Coming
4. Snakes In The Grass (featuring Tha Duke)
5. On & On
6. Tell It
7. Nightmares
8. Stop Me
9. Bitch Slap (featuring Madness)
10. Snow
11. Super Lyrical
12. Careless
13. The Fallen (Rock Remix) (featuring DZK, guitar by Salient Dawn)
14. Supremacy
15. Original Sin
16. The Famine
17. The Truth (70 Bars)
18. Time
19. Pack Lunches (Remix) (Tha Duke featuring Syze)
20. Monster (Remix) (Tha Duke featuring Syze)
21. Flawless Victory

FREE DOWNLOAD / (alternative link)

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Terawrizt – Revisited LP (Free Download)

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Terawrizt – Revisited
Executively Produced By Terawrizt.
All Beats By Tony Mahoney.
Download Here @!

1. Life feat. Nu-Centz & Rawsoul (Cuts By Tigerfist)
2. Sound Of A Free Mind feat. Jambo
3. Uncivilised feat. Redzer & Nu-Centz
4. Let The Mic Go
5. Operation M.C.(Mind Control)
6. Grown Man Music feat. Nu-Centz
7. Highly Classified
8. Til I Reach The Top feat. Nu-Centz & Jambo
9. Wanders In Graveyards

Revisited is the new release from Terawrizt. The aptly titled download sees UK hip hop producer Tony Mahoney re-working a collection of cult favourite accapellas from Dublin’s illuminated emcee.
It’s a gritty affair dripping in dark emotion amid conspiracies and paranoid plots. Tera depicts a frightening but engrossing world over the course of 9 tracks.

On the chillingly atmospheric ‘Operation MC (Mind Control)’ we get bombarded with theories on social control and Jambo joins in venting frustration on ‘Sound Of A Free Mind’ with a nice nod to Shakey selling out on ‘Irish Party’. This isn’t a happy CD but we do hear a softer side on ‘Grown Man Music’ the soothing piano tones make for a suitably relaxed tune and ‘Life’ has a truly funky bassline with an outstanding verse from Meath man Rawsoul.
Fellow Class A’z members Nu-Centz & Redzer both have solid verses and Tony Mahoney does an excellent job with the beats. This is the first “must download” of 2011, earning the Craic Music seal of approval. Listen with your ears, open your eyes. Download now!
Revisited is a treat to fans, the new album ‘Silence Is Consent’ drops in early 2011. Expect all new verses from Terawrizt and more tightly crafted beats from Tony Mahoney.

Download Here @!

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