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Off The Record – Craic Music Mix

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Craic Music recently featured in Off The Record’s mix series, 10 mixes with 10 different genres by Irish DJ’s.

There’s plenty of great music to be heard, hit up for more!

Off The Record – Volume #010
mixed by Craic Music

“For our tenth installment we’re delving into the archives of Irish hip-hop with Craic Music. You can expect to hear lesser known gems, clips of hip-hop history and an element of discovery in whats coming up in the Irish scene. Craic Music has compiled this brilliant mix in a flawless and fun way representing a genre that deserves a lot more notice in this country. This mix is another shining example of what we’re all about at Off The Record, getting new unheard sounds out to the world. Check out our blog for more info,”

Download (click here)

Off The Record – Volume #010 – Craic Music by Craicmusic on Mixcloud

Craic Music
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Shut Yer Trap

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After the disappointing scoreline last night in Euro 2012 thanks to the Spanish; one thing noticeably prevailed, the chants and songs of the supporters.
Here’s some uplifting music for any post-match hangovers still occurring.

Major Grave part of Standard Crew recently uploaded this grimey MPC remix of the 2005 J Sweet release. It’s got that old school grime sound on the samples and it’s a lively beat. Remember to catch Standard Crew every Saturday on 106.4fm Dublin (Link for online users) 9pm-10.30pm

Bandcamp : Facebook : YouTube

J Sweet – Kerb (Major Grave MPC Remix)

SertOne is as productive as ever, there’s a whole host of remixes, edits and stuff to download over on his SoundCloud page. Check this Major Lazer – Original Don remix and try not blowing out your speakers on the drop. “Shapes In The Sky EP” is coming out soon and expect some collabo work with Melted Music associate Monto.

Facebook : Twitter : SoundCloud

Major Lazer – Original Don (SertOne Edit)

G.I is a sought-after name throughout Ireland for his production after supplying the beats for Lethal Dialect, Costello and Street Literature’s impeccable releases, . Fans should be gearing up for his debut project ‘Underworld’ due out sometime this summer. G.I is playing Twisted Pepper in Dublin tonight alongside Costello and Willa Lee, 12euro entrance fee.

Facebook : Twitter : SoundCloud

G.I – Today

Captain Moonlight, the Kilkenny Camogieman is offering a selection of singles, demos and downloads on his SoundCloud. Moonlight first gained notoriety for his single ‘Dirty Cunts’ which is available part of the Agroculture trilogy online. He has funny political insights on Ireland and one of the most recognisable voices throughout the country.

Bandcamp : Facebook : Twitter

Captain Moonlight – Racketeer

 Craic Music
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Craic Music Podcast Vol 1

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The Craic Music Podcast Vol 1


Roughly an hours worth of brand new 100% homegrown Irish hip hop to download . MC’s & producers from all over the country are featured in this comphrensive round up of Ireland’s flourishing genre. This will make & break expectations and an entertaining listen.
Bang it on your iPod, laptop, car stereo the lot. Share/spread on Facebook/Twitter as well.

1. Bony – Get A Grip
2. Rob Kelly – Everytime I Come Home
3. Sons Phonetic – Danger, Danger
4. Gerard i2 – Power
5. Rob Steenson – Waiting
6. Captain Moonlight – Banana Republican
7. Nugget – State Of The Nation (Vote Nug)
8. Noize Thievery – Grey Cityscapes
9. Lethal Dialect – Do You Believe
10. Jonnyboy – All I Wanted
11. Jambo & Jonnyboy – Sick With 16’s
12. Collie – Last Thing
13. Terawrizt & Nu-Centz – Grown Man Music (Remix)
14. SertOne – Past, Present, Future
15. Paper Tigers – For You

Download via Mediafire

Thanks for the continued support, shout out to all the artists featured.

Craic Music
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Who Ya Votin For!?

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The two best candidates for election this year


“Voting Works”

Captain Moonlight – Banana Republican (Free Download)

Craic Music
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Super Extra Bonus Party – Tea With Lord Haw Haw

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Super Extra Bonus Party are an unusual bunch. Consisting of 5 members the Kildare outfit fuses minimal hip hop with kalaedoscopic electronica clashes, spiky indie guitars and pounding drums. Here’s a recent YouTube uploading of their track Tea With Lord Haw Haw featuring Captain Moonlight and Irish beat boxer White Noise
They have a string of varied collaborations, one particular stand out track from their 2009 ‘Night Horses’ LP is with Mr. Lif, have a listen

Find more artists like Super Extra Bonus Party at Myspace Music

Here is a free album from Super Extra Bonus Party in which 16 of their tracks get full remix treatments from a range of eclectic producers – “Appetite For Reconstruction” Download Now!

Captain Moonlight New Charity Single Campaign

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The poltically aware and socially conscious Louth emcee, Captain Moonlight has just put out a charity single with all proceeds going to the Irish Ship To Gaza campaign.
The single is called ‘The New Warsaw’ and is available for €1 via or alternatively Moonlight’s Bandcamp

If you happen to be in Galway next Sunday and want to show your support, look no further than:

Irish Ship To Gaza Campaign fundraiser

Galway: Music, Song & Dance in aid of humanitarian ship to Gaza

Sunday 24th October 2010 in Monroe’s Bar, Dominic Street, Galway City

Music by Galway’s best musicians, from 9pm til late

Ticket price: €7

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