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Roysta – Walking Heart Attack (Video)

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Catchier than syphilis, Dirtcore Death Squad’s filthiest member, Roysta returns in a bizarre but stylish video for ‘Walking Heart Attack’. Yeoooo!

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DarkStar – Justified (Prod. by Noize Thievery)

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International collabo Belfast producer Noize Thievery hooks up with Albany, New York rapper, DarkStar, on the new track “Justified”. Taken off the up and coming EP getting released by First Son Records; Noize Thievery will provide his consistently high standard beats for various different emcee’s on the yet to be titled project.

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Noize Thievery – Beyond The Interface Vol 1

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1. Intro
2. Divided Kingdom
3. Depths Of Atlantis
4. Grey City Scapes
5. Beyond The Interface Interlude
6. Beyond The Interface
7. Divided Kingdom (Instrumental)
8. Depths Of Atlantis (Instrumental)
9. Grey City Scapes (Instrumental)
10. Beyond The Interface Interlude (Instrumental)
11. Beyond The Interface (Instrumental)

Noize Thievery has just released a brand new EP called ‘Beyond The Interface Vol 1‘. It was recently revealed ‘The Man With No Name’ was used as an alias to record under, that’s been dropped and Noize Thievery handles everything you hear on this EP.
It is genuinely sick. Little needs said about his production skills, the past few months he’s delivered beats with glorious movie-like grandeur. All 5 instrumentals are included in the download as well, nice bonus. The lyrics hold weight, honestly the more you listen to it the more it grows on you. Fans of recent Lethal Dialect & Sons Phonetic releases will eat this up. It’s not as aggressive, Noize spits in a slower, more pronounced fashion and takes a philosophical approach to his rhymes. However there is still a certain rawness to the sound while remaining easy on the ear. Grab this now either from:

Bandcamp : Mediafire
Noize Thievery – Grey City Scapes

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Noize Thievery presents The Man With No Name

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Noize Thievery is quickly gaining recognition as one of Ireland’s best hip hop producers. His last instrumental Glass Mountain Yeti’ notched an impressive 25,000 listens on SoundCloud, with listeners all round the world playing his beats.
He now returns with a fellow Belfast emcee The Man With No Name on ‘Beyond The Interface Vol.1 (Short Stories In A Matter Of Minutes)’ released on Feb 1st.
Craic Music has a sneak peek at one of the tracks ‘Grey City Scapes’ and is happy to announce the tracklist for the forthcoming project

1. Intro
2. Divided Kingdom
3. The Man With No Name Interlude
4. The Man With No Name
5. Grey City Scapes
6. Beyond the Interface Interlude
7. Beyond The Interface

Cutz by DJ Koncept, Beatz By Noize Thievery, Lyrics by The Man With No Name, Additonal Adlibs By Dex144, Mixed and Mastered By Chemo.

Noize Thievery – Grey City Scapes feat. The Man With No Name

Noize Thievery – Deeper

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Melted Music

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The new record label Melted Music has just launched today! Based in the north of Ireland the current roster features SertOne, Father Jack (aka Jee4ce) and Sketch Nine from the Activists. The brand new website is now online @ with links to all the artists and music to preview. The label is masterminded by Jee4ce & Urbanize who you may know from the very insightful “Ireland’s Finest” DVD, clips can be seen here

Melted Music
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Father Jack

Killa by Stylah feat. Smiler (Father Jack Remix)


Past, Present And Future by SertOne

Sketch Nine

King by Sketch Nine

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Noize Thievery – The Glass Mountain Yeti

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New beat from one of Belfast’s premier hip hop producers Noize Thievery. He’s got a new project in the pipeline “The Man With No Name” EP so expect to be hearing a lot more of him on Craic Music when that drops.

Noize Thievery – The Glass Mountain Yeti

Noize Thievery
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Craic Products – November Edition ’10

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Slightly later than anticipated but November’s “Craic Products” is certainly worth the wait! 6 of the top producers from the past month representing their respective cities in our monthly production compliation. First up a duo with some really fresh sounding beats it’s

The Dirty Dubsters (Dublin)

Experienced DJ’ing duo The Dirty Dubsters is the combined efforts of Jay SHARP (Austrailia) and DJ OBese (Dublin). They have been releasing material from around mid ’09 but both have collaborated consistently since 2006 part of Break Down crew. Their musical style varies from track to track, with elements of hip hop, drum and bass, ska, nu-funk and an underlying reggae theme throughout. It is genuinely happy music and great to buss out a lil skank too, g’wan now riddim killa!

Official Site : SoundCloud : YouTube

The Dirty Dubsters – Ya Don More

The Dirty Dubsters – Sweet Like Suga

Mr Grimes
(Skerries, Dublin)

Mr Grimes is musically very versatile with his productions. The young Skerries man first gained prominence on the Mr Grimes & Gloccabilities LP, delivering some surprisingly slick beats for Gloccabilities to flow over. The release was uploaded online for free download (click here)
Recently however Mr Grimes has turned his hand to dubstep and electro tunes with exciting results. He is worth keeping an eye for the variety on offer.

MySpace : SoundCloud : YouTube

Mr Grimes – Cooler Than You

Mr Grimes – Heads Will Roll (Remix)

Lean Tunes (Belfast)

This one is funny, the obvious comparison that’ll hit music listeners right away is the reclusive, mysterious sound that Burial brought to fame in 2006 on the self titled album. In a similar style, Lean Tunes appears to put all his attention into his music with little focus on himself or past accomplishments, no distractions here it’s music pure and simple. The dark, rhymic patterns are hypnotising and never prove to be intrusive on the ear.
Catch his comphrensive dubstep show on Queens Radio every Tues 9-11pm (

Lean Tunes – Untitled Demo

Lean Tunes – Snippet 1


Colz isn’t new to Craic Music. Fans of Dublin’s grimiest producer Major Grave, will recognise the Standard Crew affliate and hopefully downloaded the series of EPs given away for free recently (click here)
As well as running his successful Irish dubstep blog over @Smokelessfuels, Colz can whip up some truly energetic, joyous 2-step/D’n’B along with darker glitchier dubstep. Catch his radio show every Sat night from 9pm-10.30pm on Raidio na Life (106.4FM) mixing dubstep, grime, funky and more.

Infomatics – Let Me Fly (Colz Remix)

Colz – Burner

Latent Saint (Cork)

Latent Saint has currently switched up life in Cork to go and live in London. His beats are down tempo, atmospheric dubsteppy sounds with fitting basslines that don’t detract from the overall finished product. Having previously played at Cork’s premier electronic night “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” it is only to be expected that Latent Saint is name that many will be talking about soon.

Facebook : SoundCloud : Twitter

Latent Saint – Morning Star

Latent Saint – Fer De Lance

Shatterfreak (Dublin)

Fresh on the electronic music scene, Shatterfreak is pumping out a special brand of sick and twisted beats. Covering Dubstep, Drum and Bass and generally just breaks of all kinds, he is rapidly becoming known for his trippy glitchy drums lines and heavy bass.
Tune into at 7GMT every Monday for SF’s weekly radio show “The Audio Files”. Also catch Shatterfreak’s Subverses project with Welface 10th Dec @ Galways supporting Boxcutter

Facebook : SoundCloud : Twitter

Josh G – Someone (Shatterfreak Remix)

Shatterfreak – Seasons Of Rust

If you are a beat maker/MC/promoter email any promo to

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