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Right Here, Right Now

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Jee4ce - Now Thats What I Call Jee4ce 2012

Here’s the artwork for a ‘selection of collaborations, remixes, random tracks and some unreleased material this year’ from Jee4ce.

The release date is 20.12.12, so keep your ears to the streets.

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Mango & RapThor – Phantom 105.2 FM

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Catch the latest interview and freestyle session by Mango (The Animators) & RapThor (A.W.O.L) for Nadine O’Regan’s The Kiosk on Phantom 105.2 FM.

They talk on a number of hot issues in the hip hop scene at the moment and it’s well worth a listen. The Kiosk arts and culture show airs every Saturday 11am @

Mango                         RapThor
Facebook : SoundCloud   Facebook : SoundCloud

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Vote Maverick Sabre – Best Newcomer

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The MOBO’s Best Newcomer 2011 category is open to voting from Facebookers all over the world. Our very own Maverick Sabre is on the nominations list, running against popular names like Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32, Jessie J, Jamie Woon & Rizzle Kicks.

You can show your support by clicking Here and registering your vote.

Best of luck to Mav, just looking at the calibre of contestants he’s up against shows how far he’s come and promises a great future.

The new video for “I Need” has had a few technical problems uploading, but should be with us very soon. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

In the mean time if you haven’t already heard Maverick’s cover of Aloe Green’s I Need A Dollar, have a listen.
Maverick Sabre – I Need A Dollar feat. Professor Green & True Tiger

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Craic Music deals the rawest Irish hip hop fix you’ll find, and every couple of months the question gets raised, ‘What is Irish hip hop?’.

Simply put, hip hop from Ireland. Try and define hip hop music and invariably people’s opinions will clash. Craic Music focuses on the music believed to define the best of Ireland’s hip hop scene, but in special cases CM will speak on music that might not usually get featured here.

Recent internet sensation Lecs Luther has brought notable attention to hip hop in Ireland with his “Dia Duit” 55,000-hits Youtube video.

Drawing attention from music fans that wouldn’t be typical hip hop lovers. The inevitable ‘best rapper in Ireland’ comments have been thrown about off the back of one track. Respect due to Nialler9, Harmless Noise & Sputnik for their insightful articles on Lecs, with solid production and a smartly replicated image it’s easy to see why he’s chosen over others for coverage.

The obvious comparisons to Earl (Odd Future) and MF Doom isn’t lazy journalism, it’s just the obvious comparison. ‘Dia Duit’ sounds like something off the Special Herbs compilations, all credit to Pheedeee, but I can’t help shake off the video’s similarity to Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘EARL’ (link). And not just that but the second single ‘Trumpets’ mimics Tyler Da Creator’s beat style. It sounds nice and it sounds professional, but when I want Tyler I listen to Tyler, when I want Doom, I listen to Doom.

That said, Lec’s talent at imitating his peers shows he can re-create music to a high standard. If he can develop a stronger sense of character and properly direct his skills then there’s no doubt he’d be a force to be reckoned with. The identity crisis is a bit of an issue though, while many of the critiques have featured on the Americanisms, no-one’s asking why ‘Dia Duit’ was shot in Brighton? Or why is the EP is called ‘Fish & Chips’? And the fonts in red, white and blue…. whaaat?!?!
And it would be worth taking note that when Tyler Da Creator played Bangor earlier this Summer he got booed off stage. Whether it was shocked first time listeners or  fickle hype kids, the style didn’t go down well in Ireland. The longevity of Tyler’s style is hard to predict, in terms of self-preservation Lecs would be wise to switch up sooner rather than later.

Apparently his authentic Dublin accent will be heard on record soon, until then Craic Music’s leaving this alone. American’s will relate to Lecs more than the Irish, that’s down to his chosen style, lyrics and ‘swag’ (Lord forgive’us). If he sticks to his word and makes some authentic hip hop, Craic Music is in full support. You heard it here fiends!

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When It Rains, It Pours…

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After an extended summer break Craic Music is returning with all the releases & videos over the past two months up until now.
Including music from Lunitic, Street Literature, Class A’z, Rob Kelly, Dead Set Gemini, Collie & more!

Make sure to check back over the next few days for all the full updates.

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He Shoots…

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He scores!!!

Trapattoni what’s the craic?

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Spekulativ Fiktion – Double Album Promo

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Cork’s Spekulativ Fiktion is set to return this summer with a double-disk album after the successful but ridiculously lengthy titled “Living Proof That The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword EP” (download here).

Disk 1 is going to be ‘straight up dirty beat style’ with the second disk changing to a more ‘experimental terrain’. It will be interesting to see how that works out, it’s not evident in the video promo the extent of experimentation, but the preview is nice. JusMe on the beats laying some easy, head-nodding sounds.

It will be a summer release, with more details hopefully soon. In the mean time check:

Spekulativ Fiktion
Bandcamp : Facebook : ReverbNation

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