CMX – Split Mode Vol 1

The new project ‘Split Mode Vol 1’ from Dundalk MC/Producer CMX is available to buy now.

With features to look out for from Daniel Scenery, Pop Dogg, West Knyle, Jeanette Robotron and Sara Dee. You can preview the album over @ Amazon & 7digital.

1. Goosebumps
2. Unstoppable feat. West Knyle
3. Game Of Thrones feat. Jeanette Robotron
4. Feedback feat. Daniel Scenery
5. Famine Mentality
6. Every Day I Live
7. Champion
8. The World
9. This Is Music
10. Jump feat. Pop Dogg
11. Butterflies feat. Sara Dee
12. Say What They Wanna Say
13. No VIPs
14. What’s Going On
15. Like You feat. Jeanette Robotron

Buy here
7digital : Amazon : iTunes

In an attempt to make the charts, CMX has released his first official video for ‘Butterflies’ featuring Sara Dee. It is completely out-of-character with the hip hop album and CMX doesn’t have a verse on the single. It’s not a sound to judge the album on, but it may make listeners think twice about the artistic intentions.

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