Danny Scenery – New School Hippie (Download)

The self proclaimed ‘New School Hippie‘ musically is an odd trip. Irish/American/Brazilian emcee D’Lyrious  returns in the form of Danny Scenery; the Dude Love alter-ego pulls off a clash of Lil B/Mac Miller/Example with varying success.

“Yo here’s some personal advice, try to live a day without your personal advice”

Many of the record’s problems lie in the unintended irony and contradictory cliches. It’s desperately trying to convince the listener how deep and thoughtful it is, which often falls flat.
Lyrics like “Open your mind, let nature inside” sounds like something you’d hear at a Baptist Tree-Hugging exhibition, and when it’s followed with “Swag”, Louis Vitton handbags and “chains blang-a-blang-blang” it’s not clear if new school hippie is just another term for hipster.

The beats are well suited to the project, it sounds like the popular styles of ID Labs, Krysis and Clams Casino. Overall the production is generally quite tight, it’s let down by the flawed New School Hippie concept, feel good consumerism with a bit of nature-loving thrown in; think salad at Mc Donald’s.
It’s another project under the belt for Danny Scenery and it’s his most cohesive work yet. Hopefully he can build upon the experience and return with something more believable.

New School Hippie Tracklist

1. What are You?
2. Find A Place ft. Ciara Donnelly
3. Fresh Prince Of Dublin
4. The Secret Lake
5. We’re The Young Hippies ☮
6. Word Around Town
7. 30,000
8. New School Hippie ft. Ciara Donnelly
9. In The Sky
10. Into The Light
11. Be Free
12. Aliens

(Download here)

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