Seaz 420 – Sewer Rats (Download)

Sewer Rats is the latest project by Belfast producer Seaz 420.
Featuring a number of notable appearances from DJ Koncept, Dexter 144, and Noize Thievery among others; it’s a gutter hip-hop offering, murky beats and raw rhymes with grainy textures.
Seaz 420’s beats are the real highlight here, they’re almost Rza-like constantly creating unsettling atmospheres. Sewer Rats is sure to be one LP getting rinsed on rainy summer days throughout Ireland. Grab the free download now at Seaz 420’s Bandcamp page.


Sewer Rats Tracklist

1. Plagued feat. DJ Koncept
2. Dreampill feat. Dexter
3. Grapeseed feat. Dexter
4. Rational Fear feat. Setanta & Reck
5. Watery Circuits feat. Noize Thievery
6. Pipe Dwellin’
7. Subterranean Network
8. Sewage Blues feat. Spix & Fube
9. Priceless Stone feat. Noize Thievery & No Studio Pet
10. Meditate feat. Dexter

(Download here)

Seaz 420

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