Father Jack – On The House Special

Grab the full 12 instrumentals Antrim-based producer, Father Jack, released over the past 12 months for free!

There’s something to suit all tastes, so aspiring rappers are bound to find a couple of beats on here that appeal.


1. Mr Nobody
2. Cambodian Charge
3. Games
4. Kukulkan
5. Winter On UrAnus
6. Stripes
7. DrinkFeckArseFM
8. Falling
9. False Hope
10. Grungy
11. Ryan Giggs
12. Tann Yiersen

Download (Click Here)

I released these instrumentals one at a time every month from September 2010 until August 2011, they where all made to have vocals on them. Some are throwaways from songs that will never see the light of day. Some have ended up on other peoples projects since, the rest are old beats from the stash that I never got around to using. Either way I hope someone out there gets some use for them. If any of these end up on your project give me a credit. If you want exclusive beats for an up and coming release drop me a mail at fatherjackmusic@gmail.com” Father Jack

Father Jack
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