Spekulativ Fiktion – Double Album Promo

Cork’s Spekulativ Fiktion is set to return this summer with a double-disk album after the successful but ridiculously lengthy titled “Living Proof That The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword EP” (download here).

Disk 1 is going to be ‘straight up dirty beat style’ with the second disk changing to a more ‘experimental terrain’. It will be interesting to see how that works out, it’s not evident in the video promo the extent of experimentation, but the preview is nice. JusMe on the beats laying some easy, head-nodding sounds.

It will be a summer release, with more details hopefully soon. In the mean time check:

Spekulativ Fiktion
Bandcamp : Facebook : ReverbNation

Craic Music
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2 Responses to “Spekulativ Fiktion – Double Album Promo”

  1. wish I could take credit for some of the beats on this but I just did some scratches for him. All production is by Spekulativ Fiktion himself. Thanks for the shout anyway!

  2. solraC zaiD Says:

    no words to describe this masterpiece…

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