Sons Phonetic – Twelve Labours now on iTunes

For those waiting on the iTunes release of Twelve Labours by Sons Phonetic, it is now stocked for €5.99 online (click here). Or buy hard copies at PayPal

1. Intro
2. Isolation (feat. RiRa)
3. High Noon
4. State Of Shock
5. Renaissance
6. Casino
7. Dominio Effect
8. Danger, Danger
9. Hands Of Time
10. Rhyme Style Stencil (feat. RiRa)
11. The New Old Skool
12. Off The Hinges

Sons Phonetic are a Hip Hop group formerly known as Correkt Minds, dedicated to keeping raw uncut Hip Hop alive. Their style of music can be described as hard hitting, thought provoking lyricism over heavy sample based beats. Their debut album entitled “Twelve Labours” is OUT NOW featuring the Irish hip hop pioneer RiRa (Scary Eire).  Keep your ear to the ground and prepare for the storm.

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