Noize Thievery – Beyond The Interface Vol 1

1. Intro
2. Divided Kingdom
3. Depths Of Atlantis
4. Grey City Scapes
5. Beyond The Interface Interlude
6. Beyond The Interface
7. Divided Kingdom (Instrumental)
8. Depths Of Atlantis (Instrumental)
9. Grey City Scapes (Instrumental)
10. Beyond The Interface Interlude (Instrumental)
11. Beyond The Interface (Instrumental)

Noize Thievery has just released a brand new EP called ‘Beyond The Interface Vol 1‘. It was recently revealed ‘The Man With No Name’ was used as an alias to record under, that’s been dropped and Noize Thievery handles everything you hear on this EP.
It is genuinely sick. Little needs said about his production skills, the past few months he’s delivered beats with glorious movie-like grandeur. All 5 instrumentals are included in the download as well, nice bonus. The lyrics hold weight, honestly the more you listen to it the more it grows on you. Fans of recent Lethal Dialect & Sons Phonetic releases will eat this up. It’s not as aggressive, Noize spits in a slower, more pronounced fashion and takes a philosophical approach to his rhymes. However there is still a certain rawness to the sound while remaining easy on the ear. Grab this now either from:

Bandcamp : Mediafire
Noize Thievery – Grey City Scapes

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