SertOne – The View From Above EP

1. Orbit
2. Riviera Pt 1 + 2
3. Past, Present, Future
4. 8mm
5. Scattershot (feat Bolts)
6. Ammunition
7. Astro Bazaar

Melted Music / iTunes

The first release from Melted Music and a big favourite here at Craic Music.
on the buttons delivering a short but thoroughly wholesome journey over 7 tightly crafted beats. Those not accustomed to the Portadown producer will find themselves swept away by the expansive, dream-like productions on offer. Every track flows so wonderfully into the next, adding to the unified feel of the whole CD. It is enjoyed best when played from start to finish.
The depth and clarity to the instruments and sounds allows us to properly re-imagine Sert’s ideas. The music sounds effortless and that’s an indication of the professional way he works.
SertOne – Past, Present And Future

It’s true, SertOne works his ass off all year round putting out remixes, hosting UStream live shows/mixes and offering advice to up and coming producers/emcees. Countless beat tapes perfecting his style have been released for free over past years, but this really feels like a solid product. Not to mention there are only a limited 100 hard copies printed, each with a completely unique cover & 4 brand new remixes not available currently to iTunes buyers. Can’t ever complain about complancency, SertOne’s creativity goes beyond music treating each listener royally.
SertOne – Astro Bazaar

It doesn’t feel right to judge the EP track by track, every beat has delicate but perfectly chosen samples and fit together immaculately as one project as a whole. This very well could become a classic piece of musical history and I urge people to follow their impulses now to avoid disappointment.

Buy now £5 @ Melted Music / or alternatively iTunes

SertOne’s new video just out gives us a glimpse into his frantic music mind with head decapitations, aligning planets, the late great GURU and some altogether trippy visuals.

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