Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2

Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2

1. Intro
2. Shut The Fuck Up Ft. Redzer – Produced By Danny Diggs
3. Show You Somethin’ – Produced By Tallafornia Records
4. Mental Surgery – Produced By Tony Mahoney
5. Agro Bastards Ft. Redzer – Produced By Tallafornia Records
6. Keep Walkin’ Away (Remix)
7. Get Yourself A Man (Interlude) – Produced By SertOne
8. Career Ender Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Kounter Kulture
9. The Business Ft. Rawsoul – Produced By Jamie McPeake
10. Grown Man Music – Produced By Tony Mahoney
11. Had Enough Ft Class B & Gabriella Marsella – Produced By Jamie McPeake
12. That Tune – Produced By Tony Mahoney
13. Take It To The Top – Produced By JD Beats
14. All About Them Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Jamie McPeake
15. Chuck Boris Complaint(Skit)
16. Class Regg-A Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Salt-D
17. That Lyrical Miracle Shit Ft. Redzer – Produced By Tony Mahoney
18. Dublin Girls(Remix)
19. End Of The Road Ft Rawsoul – Produced By Jamie McPeake

Executively Produced By Terawrizt @ SmokeRoom Studios 2011

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It’s said there is no rest for the wicked, so to sense any impending terror from the SmokeRoom Studios at the moment is incredibly difficult. Nu-Centz & Terawrizt are back with the second installment of their popular collabo mixtape series. 19 brand new tracks recorded with local producers and features from fellow Class A’z members.

The CD picks up where we left off last time, continuing the trend of Yin/Yang styles we heard on the first Sense The Terror (available as ‘Free Download‘).  There is a great deal of variety on offer, from the aggressive, riot inducing ‘Aggro Bastards‘,  the defiant and inspirational ‘Keep WalkinAway‘ to the reggae tinged ‘Class Regga A‘ putting the smoke into SmokeRoom studios.
We’ve come to expect a certain amount of humour included in Class A releases, Poland’s number 1 Chuck Borris makes an appearance and the opening skit is a side splitting conversation between two American college kids about the effects of Nuie & Tera’s music. It is genuinely funny, and doesn’t feel forced like many rap skits, an accomplishment to be proud of.
However at times the contrasting styles conflict and sound slightly awkward together. Tracks like ‘Mental Surgery‘ and ‘Grown Man Music‘ sound more suited to a Tera solo project, with too much darkness for Nuie’s polished personna.
That said, ‘Career Ender‘ is one of the best boom bap tracks to come out Ireland in recent years and Nuie packs an emotional punch on ‘That Tune‘. A welcome return to rapping from Collie on ‘All About Them‘ should satisfy IHH purists.
This is a tightly produced CD and considering it is the third release from SmokeRoom Studios in one month it’s an incredible testimony to the professional work ethic from Tera & all the Class A’z. Standards are rising at a rapid pace, dismiss Class A’z at your own peril. This CD has some of the best work to date from both artists, there’s something for everybody to be found here.

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