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DFI 7 Jambo Vs Rawsoul

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Got 3 DFI vids for you, the most recent Jambo Vs Rawsoul gets very hyped inside the place. Gwame Vs K Snatch sees a great clash of styles with entertaining results. While Siyo looks to notch his first win in the DFI league against Desay.

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Craic Music Podcast Vol 1

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The Craic Music Podcast Vol 1


Roughly an hours worth of brand new 100% homegrown Irish hip hop to download . MC’s & producers from all over the country are featured in this comphrensive round up of Ireland’s flourishing genre. This will make & break expectations and an entertaining listen.
Bang it on your iPod, laptop, car stereo the lot. Share/spread on Facebook/Twitter as well.

1. Bony – Get A Grip
2. Rob Kelly – Everytime I Come Home
3. Sons Phonetic – Danger, Danger
4. Gerard i2 – Power
5. Rob Steenson – Waiting
6. Captain Moonlight – Banana Republican
7. Nugget – State Of The Nation (Vote Nug)
8. Noize Thievery – Grey Cityscapes
9. Lethal Dialect – Do You Believe
10. Jonnyboy – All I Wanted
11. Jambo & Jonnyboy – Sick With 16’s
12. Collie – Last Thing
13. Terawrizt & Nu-Centz – Grown Man Music (Remix)
14. SertOne – Past, Present, Future
15. Paper Tigers – For You

Download via Mediafire

Thanks for the continued support, shout out to all the artists featured.

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Rubberbandits – I Wanna Fight Your Father

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New video from the popular Rubberbandits, ‘I Wanna Fight Your Father’ is out now on iTunes. Hopefully it has similar success to previous single ‘Horse Outside’. Funny stuff from the Limerick lads, keep up to date with their Facebook and Twitter accounts for latest gig news and joke filled statuses.

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Who Ya Votin For!?

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The two best candidates for election this year


“Voting Works”

Captain Moonlight – Banana Republican (Free Download)

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Boss TV – Big Siyo

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New video channel on YouTube with freestyles from Irish MC’s, Big Siyo is the first up. Shout out to Boss TV for the positive movements!

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Noize Thievery – Beyond The Interface Vol 1

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1. Intro
2. Divided Kingdom
3. Depths Of Atlantis
4. Grey City Scapes
5. Beyond The Interface Interlude
6. Beyond The Interface
7. Divided Kingdom (Instrumental)
8. Depths Of Atlantis (Instrumental)
9. Grey City Scapes (Instrumental)
10. Beyond The Interface Interlude (Instrumental)
11. Beyond The Interface (Instrumental)

Noize Thievery has just released a brand new EP called ‘Beyond The Interface Vol 1‘. It was recently revealed ‘The Man With No Name’ was used as an alias to record under, that’s been dropped and Noize Thievery handles everything you hear on this EP.
It is genuinely sick. Little needs said about his production skills, the past few months he’s delivered beats with glorious movie-like grandeur. All 5 instrumentals are included in the download as well, nice bonus. The lyrics hold weight, honestly the more you listen to it the more it grows on you. Fans of recent Lethal Dialect & Sons Phonetic releases will eat this up. It’s not as aggressive, Noize spits in a slower, more pronounced fashion and takes a philosophical approach to his rhymes. However there is still a certain rawness to the sound while remaining easy on the ear. Grab this now either from:

Bandcamp : Mediafire
Noize Thievery – Grey City Scapes

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SertOne – The View From Above EP

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1. Orbit
2. Riviera Pt 1 + 2
3. Past, Present, Future
4. 8mm
5. Scattershot (feat Bolts)
6. Ammunition
7. Astro Bazaar

Melted Music / iTunes

The first release from Melted Music and a big favourite here at Craic Music.
on the buttons delivering a short but thoroughly wholesome journey over 7 tightly crafted beats. Those not accustomed to the Portadown producer will find themselves swept away by the expansive, dream-like productions on offer. Every track flows so wonderfully into the next, adding to the unified feel of the whole CD. It is enjoyed best when played from start to finish.
The depth and clarity to the instruments and sounds allows us to properly re-imagine Sert’s ideas. The music sounds effortless and that’s an indication of the professional way he works.
SertOne – Past, Present And Future

It’s true, SertOne works his ass off all year round putting out remixes, hosting UStream live shows/mixes and offering advice to up and coming producers/emcees. Countless beat tapes perfecting his style have been released for free over past years, but this really feels like a solid product. Not to mention there are only a limited 100 hard copies printed, each with a completely unique cover & 4 brand new remixes not available currently to iTunes buyers. Can’t ever complain about complancency, SertOne’s creativity goes beyond music treating each listener royally.
SertOne – Astro Bazaar

It doesn’t feel right to judge the EP track by track, every beat has delicate but perfectly chosen samples and fit together immaculately as one project as a whole. This very well could become a classic piece of musical history and I urge people to follow their impulses now to avoid disappointment.

Buy now £5 @ Melted Music / or alternatively iTunes

SertOne’s new video just out gives us a glimpse into his frantic music mind with head decapitations, aligning planets, the late great GURU and some altogether trippy visuals.

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Craic Products 2011

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It’s been a busy start to New Year, now well into Feb we are still playing catch up to all the strong releases throughout January. The last DFI had 3 proper album/mixtapes going on sale, first release exclusively @ DFI 7
Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2
Rob Steenson – First Up, Best Dressed
Lethal Dialect – LD50

And now the new Sons Phonetic – 12 Labours is available, not to mention the recent releases in Jan from:
Nugget – Ready To Diet
Mugsy – Havin The Craic EP
Syze – Syze Matters
Siyo – Weapon Of Mass Creation

The scene is looking healthy right now! Here’s a selection of tracks/rarities from the month passed that caught Craic Music’s attention.

Maverick Sabre & Guests – Ye Think Yer Hard

Thanks to Mr. Collie Collins for uploading this track from the archives. A collaboration organised way back featuring a mad stellar line-up of Terawrizt, Jonnyboy, Maverick Sabre, Redzer, CuCullen, Collie Collins, Bradshaw & Nugget. It’s a free download too, can’t say fairer than that!

4Real – The Drop

Some sick storytelling from former Urban Intelligence member 4Real. Captivating track and hopefully marks the return to hip hop on a more permanent basis.

Siyo – So Broke (prod. Pro P)

A quick freeverse from Big Siyo over Pro P production. Being broke is no joke, I’m sure plenty people will understand where Siyo’s coming from right now. Also check the latest track uploaded to Youtube,  ‘Bloody Murder’ is accompanied with stills from a recent video shoot

Johno Manley – Back Tonight

Johno Manley aka Nifty Skillz tempted to pick up the mic once again to clear up some issues. “Back Tonight” mightn’t be the reassurance fans would have hoped for, but it makes for entertaining listening. Nifty spits real talk over a slick instrumental.

Gerard i2 – Gon’ n Tell Them

Strabane’s self producing & song writing star drops another monster track that remains playable in clubs without compromising his credibility. Gerard i2 has been working the live circuit recently and you can catch him @ Katy Dalys 25th Feb w/Mr Mills & Mugsy. Also if you missed ‘2 Dirt For Radio‘ the debut album, make sure to download now!

A To B – Stretch It (feat. Collie)

This is a fun tune from the electro/pop/experimental duo A To B providing a funky beat for Collie to lace up in familiar fashion. Smile inducing music with some very upbeat drums.

Imogen Heap –  Headlock (Paper Tigers Remix)

Last but by no means least, an immersive dub influenced remix of Imogen Heap’s Headlock by Paper Tigers from Belfast. The music technology student currently has 5 free downloads hosted on his SoundCloud page. Some lovely chilled 2step, garage ambient sounds on offer with a comprehensive dubstep feel to the music.

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Sons Phonetic @ The Venue, Tramore

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Watch the Sons Phonetic lads tearing it up @ The Venue, Tramore, they were supporting The Rubberbandits last Saturday.

The Twelve Labours mixtape is out now for €5.99, currently hard copies are only being sold in person, but as soon as the digital distribution is sorted Craic Music will bring you all the details.

*edit – Paypal users can now buy @ Sons Phonetic Facebook Page (click the “Buy Album” tab)

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DFI 7 – Trailer & Schedule

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DFI 7 – Upload Schedule
1. Siyo Vs Desay
UPC 802 / YouTube
(09/02/11) / (10/01/11)

2. Gwame Vs KSnatch
UPC 802 / YouTube
(16/02/11) / (17/02/11)

3. Rawsoul Vs Jambo
UPC 802 / YouTube
(23/02/11) / (24/02/11)

4. Costello Vs Genesis
UPC 802 / YouTube
(02/03/11) / (03/03/11)

5. Steenson Vs Shapey
UPC 802 / YouTube
(09/03/11) / (10/03/11)

6. Collie Vs Brosy
UPC 802 / YouTube
(16/01/11) / (17/01/11)

7. Nugget Vs Dotzy (Promo)
UPC 802 / YouTube
(TBC) / (TBC)

Battles will be shown on UPC Channel 802 every Wednesday night at 11pm then released on YouTube on Thursdays.

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Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2

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Nu-Centz & Terawrizt – Sense The Terror 2

1. Intro
2. Shut The Fuck Up Ft. Redzer – Produced By Danny Diggs
3. Show You Somethin’ – Produced By Tallafornia Records
4. Mental Surgery – Produced By Tony Mahoney
5. Agro Bastards Ft. Redzer – Produced By Tallafornia Records
6. Keep Walkin’ Away (Remix)
7. Get Yourself A Man (Interlude) – Produced By SertOne
8. Career Ender Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Kounter Kulture
9. The Business Ft. Rawsoul – Produced By Jamie McPeake
10. Grown Man Music – Produced By Tony Mahoney
11. Had Enough Ft Class B & Gabriella Marsella – Produced By Jamie McPeake
12. That Tune – Produced By Tony Mahoney
13. Take It To The Top – Produced By JD Beats
14. All About Them Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Jamie McPeake
15. Chuck Boris Complaint(Skit)
16. Class Regg-A Ft. Class A’z – Produced By Salt-D
17. That Lyrical Miracle Shit Ft. Redzer – Produced By Tony Mahoney
18. Dublin Girls(Remix)
19. End Of The Road Ft Rawsoul – Produced By Jamie McPeake

Executively Produced By Terawrizt @ SmokeRoom Studios 2011

Buy Now! @

It’s said there is no rest for the wicked, so to sense any impending terror from the SmokeRoom Studios at the moment is incredibly difficult. Nu-Centz & Terawrizt are back with the second installment of their popular collabo mixtape series. 19 brand new tracks recorded with local producers and features from fellow Class A’z members.

The CD picks up where we left off last time, continuing the trend of Yin/Yang styles we heard on the first Sense The Terror (available as ‘Free Download‘).  There is a great deal of variety on offer, from the aggressive, riot inducing ‘Aggro Bastards‘,  the defiant and inspirational ‘Keep WalkinAway‘ to the reggae tinged ‘Class Regga A‘ putting the smoke into SmokeRoom studios.
We’ve come to expect a certain amount of humour included in Class A releases, Poland’s number 1 Chuck Borris makes an appearance and the opening skit is a side splitting conversation between two American college kids about the effects of Nuie & Tera’s music. It is genuinely funny, and doesn’t feel forced like many rap skits, an accomplishment to be proud of.
However at times the contrasting styles conflict and sound slightly awkward together. Tracks like ‘Mental Surgery‘ and ‘Grown Man Music‘ sound more suited to a Tera solo project, with too much darkness for Nuie’s polished personna.
That said, ‘Career Ender‘ is one of the best boom bap tracks to come out Ireland in recent years and Nuie packs an emotional punch on ‘That Tune‘. A welcome return to rapping from Collie on ‘All About Them‘ should satisfy IHH purists.
This is a tightly produced CD and considering it is the third release from SmokeRoom Studios in one month it’s an incredible testimony to the professional work ethic from Tera & all the Class A’z. Standards are rising at a rapid pace, dismiss Class A’z at your own peril. This CD has some of the best work to date from both artists, there’s something for everybody to be found here.

Buy Sense The Terror 2 @

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