Noize Thievery presents The Man With No Name

Noize Thievery is quickly gaining recognition as one of Ireland’s best hip hop producers. His last instrumental Glass Mountain Yeti’ notched an impressive 25,000 listens on SoundCloud, with listeners all round the world playing his beats.
He now returns with a fellow Belfast emcee The Man With No Name on ‘Beyond The Interface Vol.1 (Short Stories In A Matter Of Minutes)’ released on Feb 1st.
Craic Music has a sneak peek at one of the tracks ‘Grey City Scapes’ and is happy to announce the tracklist for the forthcoming project

1. Intro
2. Divided Kingdom
3. The Man With No Name Interlude
4. The Man With No Name
5. Grey City Scapes
6. Beyond the Interface Interlude
7. Beyond The Interface

Cutz by DJ Koncept, Beatz By Noize Thievery, Lyrics by The Man With No Name, Additonal Adlibs By Dex144, Mixed and Mastered By Chemo.

Noize Thievery – Grey City Scapes feat. The Man With No Name

Noize Thievery – Deeper

Craic Music
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