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Sexy Rubberbandits

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An online voting poll for the Irish Music Television awards is currently underway to find the ‘sexiest video’ of this year. None other than Limerick City’s Rubberbandit’s go head to head with Nadine Coyle.
Veda, Luan Parle and Patrick Kelleher make up the rest of the nominations for this years category.
To register your vote click here

You should know where Craic Music’s vote is going – now pass that bag of glue!

Here’s the latest from the Rubberbandits ‘Guide To..’ series, enjoy!

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Nu-Centz and Rawsoul – Hot Property on iTunes now!

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Nu-Centz & Rawsoul’s 20 track LP was released earlier this year on CD. Now for the first time, “Hot Property” is available on iTunes (click here) Previews of all the tracks can be found on iTunes. Craic Music has two songs for you to listen to right now!

Nu-Centz & Rawsoul – Workinindamornin feat. Paul Donnelly

Nu-Centz & Rawsoul – The Comedown

Physical copies will be available to buy at DFI 6 – Look out for Nu-Centz & Rawsoul

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DFI 5 – L-Deman Vs Mickey Gatch

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The latest battle from DFI 5 – L-Deman Vs Mickey Gatch. Both emcees are known to freestyle on the spot and this battle see’s both opponents trying to out perform each other in an ‘old school freestyle’ battle.

Almost all the battles from DFI 5 have been uploaded, with Siyo Vs Costello scheduled for next Thursday 25th Nov. And the almightly doubles ‘iiinnntercounty battle’ between Redzer/Nugget Vs Bony/Nash on 2nd December. Watch out for that and subscribe @ DFI TV

The Good Bits/Store Street
Saturday 27th November
3pm – €5
I.D. Required

Jun Tzu – Troubles Comin

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The new EP is out now to buy from Belfast BabyBoom Records
Jun Tzu – Troubles Comin
1. Troubles Comin ft. Scorpion Jack
2. Politicians
3. Wee Jonny (Baby J Remix)
4. Stay Humble ft. Ras Greg
5. The Bridge (Bonus Track)
*. Wee Jonny Official Video

Jun Tzu
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Mic Ryan – Love You

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Grab the new freestyle from Mic Ryan for FREE right now!

Mic Ryan – Love You

Remember to check his SoundCloud page out for extra tunes & downloads

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GMC – Shiny Filth Out 19th Nov

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Talented hip-hop producer/emcee GMC releases his second LP Shiny Filth on November 19th on CD and download. Since his 2004 hit single Not Tonight (The Bouncer Song) the Irish native has struck a balance between satirical humour, gutsy true-life observations and playful rhymes.

Expanding on the template set down on his 2006 debut album Diggin’ A Hole, Shiny Filth sees GMC’s increased versatility as a producer, with styles ranging from straight-up hip-hop to drum n’ bass and dance to Irish trad.

Featuring a host of up-and-coming Irish rap and singing talent, Shiny Filth mixes sunny carefree anthems (Day for the Beach) with gritty breakbeat bangers (Smash Smash); takes the listener on madcap adventures (Freddie Is A Weirdo and Sunday Morning – I Should Be At Mass) and keeps it real with some hard-hitting cautionary tales (Class A Love).

GMC – Class A Love

With a stomping beat and a nagging rave-style synth, the debut single Girl On Facebook pokes fun at social network sites addicts and reflects some of his weirder experiences on the internet. While displaying a winning, devil-may-care attitude that has seen him impress audiences at the Electric Picnic and at Live at the Marquee where he supported Flo Rida, GMC is deeply committed to giving something back to the community. Whether it be giving Cork youth the benefit of his experience through his work at various schools around the city or his work on anti-racism projects, GMC is happy to back up his words with deeds.

Having lent his Midas touch to Labour’s Alan Kelly when he recorded a promotional track for his European election campaign last year, he saw the candidate comfortably secure a seat. This year he penned the anthemic Give Us Back Sam Maguire for the Cork Senior Gaelic football team and they duly brought home the winning trophy for the first time in twenty years. Will his album track as Gaeilge Conas Atá Tú see spoken Irish trendy again? Who knows? With GMC everything is possible.

GMC ft. Bony – Day For The Beach

CD available nationwide in HMV and all other good music stores.

CD also available in independent stores like Plugd & Touchwood Skate Park, Cork and All-City, City Discs and Comet Records in Templebar, Dublin.

CD also available online from

MP3 album available on iTunes and

Check out for more details.
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Lethal Dialect – LD50 Album Sampler

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“LD50” is the new release from Lethal Dialect, set to drop late Nov/early Dec.
The highly anticipated Dublin rapper’s debut features production from Street Literature’s G.I. with the dark, boom bap style remaining consistent throughout most of the album. Fellow Dublin rapper/producer Jonnyboy lends a helping hand on 2 tracks and handles the mixing & mastering on the album. Recorded at Ath Cliath Studios, Dublin.

Lethal Dialect – LD50 Album Sampler

1.The Beginning (produced by G.I)
2.Metamorphose (produced by G.I)
3.Cold And Calculated (produced by G.I)
4.The National (produced by G.I)
5.Show You How feat.Tommy Hand (Produced by G.I)
6.They Set You Up skit*
7.Cold Case (produced by Jonnyboy)
8.The International (produced by G.I)
9. Do You Believe (produced by G.I)
10.Far From The End (produced by Jonnyboy)

Taken from Lethal Dialect‘s Soundcloud

Lethal Dialect shows no sign of let up, as this is the first in a series of 3 releases from him. Expect to hear his name mentioned again when Costello drops ‘Illosophical’ a more introspective and soulful release shortly, and the mighty Jambo has a project in the pipeline which is sure to be a sensation.

Have a listen to the new LD50 album sampler now and remember to check back with Craic Music for future updates on this CD very soon!

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