Billy Jam – ‘Put The Needle On The Record’ Galway

Last week Billy Jam put on a tremendous show in Dublin, check here if you missed it, and this week Put The Needle On The Record WFMU broadcasts live from Galway with a fantastic line-up including RíRá, Lineage Crew, pipe player Ronan Browne (Afro Celt Sound System), RaggamanBob, MyNameIsJohn and the Old Soul Brigade.
This is what Billy Jam had to say on the lead up to his final show in Ireland for 2010.

Today’s show is the third and final of three in a row Autumn 2010 Irish remotes. This one is going to be mad – as in crazy good -with a ton of guests from all over the Emerald Isle. Represented will be Galway (where the show is broadcasting from), Sligo (Shane + the Sligo Crew), Mayo (Mikey Fingers), Limerick (Jay Red/MC Mimic, Pervish), Cork (Longy), Kerry (Lineage), Athlone (Old Soul Brigade), Offaly (Ri Ra). And no doubt some others will stop by. The show is from Bell Book and Candle where WFMU broadcast earlier this year – during the Community Skratch Games. Thanks to Paul Deacy who owns Bell Book+Candle and big ups to Jimmy the hideous Penguin of Vince Mack Mahon for producing today’s show and all the time he put into it over past 3 weeks. —- Today 11/5 is Timi D…’s birthday to whom this show is dedicated.

Tune in @ WFMU 91.1FM from between 7-10pm tonight!

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