Craic Products – October Edition ’10

American hip hop instrumentals are still a common occurance throughout the hip hop scene in Ireland. Now, no doubt a lot get used in a homage of sorts to the birthplace of hip hop but sometimes I feel the Irish producers are a little undervalued in comparison. There are a steady growing number of producers from all round Ireland, drumming up hype and deserve your attention.
Emcees/DJs need to check this – contact details attached w/ producers info

SertOne (Portadown/Liverpool)

Born in Northern Ireland, SertOne began DJ-ing at the age of 11 and making hip hop beats only a few years later. After moving to Liverpool, England three years ago to develop a more instrumental and progressive sound, SertOne credits the influence of the current hiphop scene in California and the British dubstep movement in having a large impact on his evolving style, as well as video games. Sert runs a cool blog over at Priory Of Zion covering hip hop, fashion & design. There are various beat tapes and mixes for download on his MySpace page as well.

MySpace : Soundcloud : Twitter :

Then She Said by SertOneMusic

Noize Thievery (Belfast)

Noize Thievery is a skilled beatsmith from Belfast with a range of collabos under his belt from Ghostface Killah’s protege Trife Diesel to local act Dexter 144 on ‘Project 2501’. With a definite ear for samples and craft for flippin them it won’t be long till emcees are queuing at his door.

MySpace : Soundcloud : Reverbnation : Facebook

Swingin Axe by Noize Thievery

D’ Beats (Cork)

Donal O’Connor aka D’Beats, hails from Cork and released his latest beat after what seemed a slow production period for him. Sources say D’Beats is currently working with both Brosy (Dutch Gold Kid) & Mickey Gatch on a new album, the prospect is very exciting to say the least. ‘I Wake Up’ is likely to get vocalled for the album as well.
For more laid back sounds check D’Beats Soundcloud
I wake up by d’beats

Monto (Wicklow Town)

Reppin Wicklow Town on the east coast of Ireland, it wouldn’t be right to label Monto strictly hip hop. He dabbles with dubstep, has a Metallica electro remix and a futuristic banger with Dizzy D up on his Soundcloud! The experimentation sounds very positive and that’s why Monto is a producer to watch out for.
Here is his latest creation, “Granny Basher” an unconventional anthem as the title would suggest. Big beats!
Granny Basher (Rough & Unfinished) by BigFukkingLaser

Spekulativ Fiktion (Cork)

If anyone can’t remember back or missed out on Spekulativ Fiktion’s free debut EP it was solid debut release even though the production turned out to be the highlight overall. The Craic Mob member from Cork has gone back to the drawing board and stuck up 3 brand new instrumentals for you to listen to. Being a rapper/producer expect a healthy amount of material to start popping up around the internet in the next while

Facebook : Soundcloud : YouTube :

Gotta Find Her by Spekulativ Fiktion

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