“I don’t like Brendy…. But I don’t like Billy”

Bomb City 7 are the insanely wonderful Belfast punk slash rap group fronted by wild man mic controller Beemicksee. The band have a deeply rooted appreciation for music with many of it’s own band members playing in other groups, Axis Of, The Lobotomies & The Cities We Captured to name a few.
BC7 are a relatively new musical venture, starting out in July ’10 they have yet to release a full length studio EP/LP. However, this has not deterred the band from sending crowds into mass frenzies with non stop, energetic live performances across many different venues in Ireland.
The message is defiant and loud, blending social commentry with good humour in their own unique way. Make sure to check out their two FREE downloads of This P(r)etty Place and My Throat The Melter
Bomb City 7 – This P(r)etty Place by Craic Music

We have some cheap camera phone footage for you to watch from the 14/10/10 Bomb City 7 gig @ The Speakeasy, Students Union, Belfast

Bomb City 7
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