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Roysta – For Serial Killers And The Sexually Insane

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Just when you thought it was safe to go outside…
Roysta returns once again, ‘FSKATSI’ is thoroughly infected with trademark filth, uncoventional beats and vomit inducing lyrics. Just the usual then? The 9-track digital download costs £4 and features favourites Eat All The Evidence & Raped By A Burglar. Not bad considering you can grab most of his back catalog totally free – click here

1. Albert Fish
2. Gender Terrorist
3. Prison Life
4. Love You Dead
5. Eat All The Evidence
6. Where’s My Wine feat. Erin Kelly
7. Roysta Can’t Rap
8. Love Me
9. Raped By A Burglar
Purchase “For Serial Killers And The Sexually Insane

Roysta’s Facebook Page

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Schizophrenic – Dark Side Of The Spoon

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Brand new audio from the former Dark Half member right now! It’s been a few years since the last release, so it’s a joy to hear Skitz rhyming again with a proper rugged style, delivering authentic hardcore hip hop. Dark Side Of The Spoon is the new track featuring production from Jay Byrne.
Schizophrenic – Dark Side Of The Spoon

Also here is Skitz’s classic battle from 2004 against Puretone – ha!

“Rapper don’t get it twisted like Cher Lloyd’s mouth”

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Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam WFMU 91.1FM (New Jersey/New York) broadcasted live from CRU in Dublin’s Temple Bar district last night. Unfortunately due to BT’s internet interuption it wasn’t possible for Craic Music to post a link up yesterday. Thankfully the wonderful people over @ WFMU have recorded the whole show, so if you happened to miss the MCs/DJs/Beatboxers then click here to listen back to the full show. (Download Here)

Including Rob Kelly, WhiteNoise, Mayhem, Moschops, Tu Ki , Laz-E, Sasparilla, Scope, Tall Paul Lowe, DJ Eleven, Exile Eye (Melodica Deathship), DJ Mek, Costello, Joe Mack, Cool C, Jambo, and Sean Harley…. phew!

Here are some of the best bits from the evening

Rob Kelly Freestyle

Siyo Freestyle

Costello Freestyle

Moschop Freestyle

White Noise video

DFI 5 – Phats Vs Desay

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This battle was scheduled for Sat 17th July, but due to complications it was put on hold. Eventually it was arranged and recorded, watch now to see Desay’s debut DFI performance as he takes on Fibb’s emcee Phats.

For previous DFI TV battles click here!

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RíRá – Horses Work For Donkeys Wages

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‘Horses Work For Donkeys Wages’ the debut album from RíRá.
Available from iTunes, Amazon & all usual digital download sites inluding:

CD hard copies available from:
Freebird Records
Wicklow Street
Dublin 2

01. Put A Wobble In Yer Cerebellum
02. (Straight) Out Of My Head
03. Follow
04. Rubber Bandits
05. Knuckles Up (feat.Exile Eye, Alias Irish & Mek)
06. Front Bar
07. A Day (feat.Ise)
08. RaggamanBob
09. 25 O’Clock In The Mornin’
10. To Be An MC
11. What Goes On
12. Sun Ra
13. Grief (feat.Ise)

Also shouts’s review of RíRá’s Demo Staights, Unreleased & Unplayed

DSG TV – Gig, Studio, Gig (Part 2)

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Here is part 2 of Dead Set Gemini’s recent behind the scenes footage.  Shot about Scotland with the usual crazyness and hungover antics, it is what it is yo!

Also if you are very quick there are 100 free downloads made available of the dubstep remix of DSG’s What’s Your Starsign
Dead Set Gemini – What’s your star sign? (TeKlos Club Capricorn Remix)

Dead Set for more info

Chase and Status feat Maverick Sabre – Sleepless (Live Footage)

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Caught on camera joining Chase & Status on stage during their current tour, Maverick Sabre help unveil a brand new track called Sleepless infront of a live audience. The audio quality isn’t great in the video, but it is enough to know the final version should be crazy! Sleepless is set to be on Chase & Status’ new album ‘No More Idols’  but it has not yet been confirmed if the track will make the Traveling Man Mixtape. Still expect guest appearances from Footsie (Newham Generals) & Starkey when that drops.

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