Notoriously Big

Waterford’s infamously disastrous Don’t Flop flopper, MC Dubh, returns to the spotlight once more with an awe rendering video. Surprise surprise it is another diss track to add to the collection of ever growing insults Dubh throws at various Irish rappers. This time Nugget is the target of abuse for his apparent diss in the recent DFI Battle Blog video.
The reason being, Dubh was the rapper Nugget referred to as the worst battler in DFI due to his absymal performance against Redzer earlier this year. Check here! That was enough to provoke Dubh into another flurry of fat jokes and incomprehensible rhymes.

“Nugget Your A Git” is unlikely to be remembered fondly and digs the hole deeper for Dubh. Nonetheless it’s still a very humourous video and the lyrics are bound to baffle you.  What’s better is the fact that Dubh feels it’s necessary to photoshop himself into topless male photos, maybe it’s to trick us from thinking he’s a git and a fat mutha…….

If you are in anyway mildly amused and want to know more about MC Dubh – Myspace & YouTube go!

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