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Cork DnB with GMC, MC Mighty, Bony and Rawsoul

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Badboy riddim right here! Pump Your System is a frantic DnB tune produced by GMC featuring MC Mighty, Bony & Rawsoul.
Taken off the new LP Shiny Filth expect cameos from Collie, Nash & Bubba Shakespeare amongst 20 brand new & original songs.

GMC – Pump Your System (Feat. MC Mighty, Bony & Rawsoul) (Extended Version)

GMC Website
Shiny Filth LP @ CDBaby
Facebook : Soundcloud
Twitter : YouTube

Formally known as…..

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Correkt Minds. The newly titled group now known as Sons Phonetic are lining up their first release under the current moniker. 12 Labours is set to be a hard hitting dosage of dark lyrics and finely crafted beats.
Listen & Download the exclusive 12 Labours Promo mix featuring tracks off their latest LP

(click the downward arrow on the right hand side to download)

If the previous release ‘Figure Of Speech’ is anything to go by, then 12 Labours could really be very special. You can download Correkt Minds/Sons Phonetic’s ‘Figure Of Speech’ Here! (click)

Sons Phonetic – Churpy Mc Churp Churp

Sons Phonetic – B Boys Knee Joints

There are also some pretty cool videos of Mook constructing a beat with his MPC 2000xl and Logic.

For more on Sons Phonetic – Facebook : Myspace : YouTube

Traveling To The Top

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Maverick Sabre is set to release his latest mixtape “Traveling Man” in the close future. The original date of 13th Sept was pushed back to 20th Sept and never materialized. The project has been put on hold temporarily while he promotes his latest single with Footsie “Inside”.
Maverick Sabre has a rapidly expanding fan base due to his steady flow of television, festival and guest track appearances. This is a highly anticipated CD for a number of good reasons. Although with relatively little info on this project and Mav’s guitar playing/singing of late, expectations might be skewed in different musical directions. That said, his music still maintains a unique quality and going by his latest song featuring Footsie, he’s going to have bangers whether he sings or raps.

Craic Music will keep you up to date with all the latest developments on Mav’s “Traveling Man” and much more.
In the mean time you can find more info about Maverick Sabre @ YouTube : Facebook : Myspace : Twitter

Rob Kelly – Fire In The Booth 1xtra & Kiss FM

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If anyone can remember back to the rainy summer that just passed us by, it was worth noting one thing at least, Rob Kelly’s radio appearances on 1Xtra & Kiss FM.
Kell’s called into Charlie Sloth’s Fire In The Booth and DJ MK & Shortee Blitz’s show to spray a couple rounds of verbal ammo. With inside studio footage to accompany the audio, enjoy!
1Xtra w/ Charlie Sloth 29th July 2010

Kiss FM w/ MK & Shortee Blitz 6th August 2010

Here is some more recent material from Rob

Rob Kelly – Green & White (Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow Freestyle)

Rob Kelly – Dedication (production Danny Diggs)

Make sure to check Rob Kelly’s

Myspace : YouTube : Soundcloud : Twitter : Facebook

Notoriously Big

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Waterford’s infamously disastrous Don’t Flop flopper, MC Dubh, returns to the spotlight once more with an awe rendering video. Surprise surprise it is another diss track to add to the collection of ever growing insults Dubh throws at various Irish rappers. This time Nugget is the target of abuse for his apparent diss in the recent DFI Battle Blog video.
The reason being, Dubh was the rapper Nugget referred to as the worst battler in DFI due to his absymal performance against Redzer earlier this year. Check here! That was enough to provoke Dubh into another flurry of fat jokes and incomprehensible rhymes.

“Nugget Your A Git” is unlikely to be remembered fondly and digs the hole deeper for Dubh. Nonetheless it’s still a very humourous video and the lyrics are bound to baffle you.  What’s better is the fact that Dubh feels it’s necessary to photoshop himself into topless male photos, maybe it’s to trick us from thinking he’s a git and a fat mutha…….

If you are in anyway mildly amused and want to know more about MC Dubh – Myspace & YouTube go!

Jun Tzu – Belfast Baby Mixtape (Free DL)

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Belfast Baby is the hard hitting mixtape from Belfast born emcee Jun Tzu. The 20 track mixtape was released for free & independently earlier in May 2010. Jun currently resides in Manchester but still keeps his lyrics rooted in Irish culture and history.
Download Jun Tzu – Belfast Baby

Belfast Baby
is a unique and refreshing listen. It takes an insightful look into the northern lifestyle capturing the real essence and spirit of the Belfast people. Standout tracks include a new Specials ‘Message to you Rudy’ instrumental remix of ‘Wee Jonny‘, ‘The Bridge‘, ‘Toppa Da Morning‘, a feature from Manchester’s Chronicle and the joyously traditional ‘Folkmusic The Evil Foreman’.  That said, the whole mixtape is a solid package and each track compliments the one before it. Get it now!

Jun Tzu’s
Facebook : Twitter : Myspace : YouTube

GMC – Give Us Back Sam Maguire

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Cork scores an all Ireland GAA victory this year and it will be to the delight of top rapper/producer GMC as it certifies his ‘Sex Is On Fire’ spoof rap in 2010’s history books.
Featuring guest vocals from J90’s Ger, ‘Give Us Back Sam Maguire’ was getting regular spins on Cork’s Red FM.

For more on past releases you can check GMC’s iTunes page
And remember the Facebook, Twitter & YouTube sites

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