Luni Choons – Somebody Warn A Brother!

Just 3 days ago we witnessed the passing of the late MC Lunitic’s birthday. Even though quite a few months have passed since his untimely death, his music keeps the memories very much alive.
Craic Music is proud to have dug through the archives, and stumble upon a shiny gem for you lucky readers.

Urban Intelligence – Hip Hop Is Oxygen EP (Free Download)
Hip Hop Is Oxygen
Magnificent Wordplay
A New Flow
What You See Is What You Get

Lunitic’s rap group Urban Intelligence released Hip Hop Is Oxygen back around 2003. It’s a 4 track EP and Luni’s voice sounds a lot younger than what many will have come to expect. It’s a must hear for dedicated fans of Irish hip hop, and I recommend the download thoroughly as Urban Intelligence were the first Irish group that Craic Music ever heard! (Truly amazing isn’t it!)

(Graffiti @ Oxegen Festival in memory of Luntic)

One Response to “Luni Choons – Somebody Warn A Brother!”

  1. Disabled Justin Says:

    RIP Lunitic

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