Roysta – ThunderCock (plus full discography)

Roysta – ThunderCock

1. Theme From ThunderCock
2. The Venereal Olympics
3. Shake Babies Not Ass
4. All The Kids Are Into K
5. The Rats Want Their Sewers Back
6. Dairy Of A Narcissist
7. Confessions Of A Fader
8. The Fine Art Of Self Abuse
9. A Creeping Horror
10. The Scum Chronicles

(click above for free downloads page)

The Last.Fm page set up by Roysta boasts his entire back catalogue of EPs, LPs & extras.  The actual list of albums can all be found HERE

“ThunderCock has arrived, let the degradation begin!”

“Over 10 tracks Roysta proves why he is indeed the FilthCore Father.”

Make sure to check Roysta’s myspace for more madness and gig events at short notice.

One Response to “Roysta – ThunderCock (plus full discography)”

  1. trying to get a hawd of ur new tunes (our team love ur tunes) strait out the phikatrickt ward) burn me off another copy, aswell .. ill send you the doe .if i ur on paypal …or some shit like that (to cover ur costs) piece & sqaure sausage. Kendo.….just bang ur life savings, yer ulgly wee sister, pin number(inc card) yergunz, and ur soul …. OK.

    to the porthole address.

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